How to Get Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Find Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories 2 and how to defeat it in order to find the egg

One of the best Monstie that you can get early on in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the Flying Wyverns type Monstie called Nargacugas. In this guide, we will be showing you How to Get Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to Get Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Nargacuga is a dark predator that has a black body with black wings and red eyes. It also has a dark black tail that it uses to unleash deadly attacks. When Nargacuga is enraged, it performs two moves in one turn.

Nargacugas are extremely powerful monsters that have the ability to go invisible for a short period.

This gives the players a huge advantage by allowing them to skip past fights against other monsters. It saves a lot of time for the players to get to the objective without any interference.

You can also skip past battles and enter rare dens and find rare eggs.

How to Find Nargacuga Egg in MH Stories 2

The only way to find and get Nargacuga is to beat it in a boss battle that takes place during your story playthrough. One of the quests requires you to face this beast and tame it. Before this quest, you cannot find or get this monster.

The boss battle takes place in the second region of the game called Alcala. Once you defeat Nargacuga in a boss battle, enter the monster den to find the egg.

To find a better variant of Nargacuga, such as Silverhand Nargacuga and Rainbow Nargacuga, head to Alcala and keep looking for rare monster dens.

Keep looking for rare eggs inside the nests at every monster den you can find. One of the dens will contain a rare Nargacuga egg.