Best Monsties to Get Early in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Companion Monsters are referred to as Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Monsties fight with you and assist you when you’re out exploring the wide world. In Monster Hunter Stories 2, there are more than 100 Monsties that can be caught.

In this guide, we will list down the Best Monsties to get early in the game and why they have the edge over the other Monstie companions.

Best Monsties to Get Early in Monster Hunter Stories 2

In MH Stories 2, Monsties are given different star ratings. The higher the star rating is, the stronger the monster will be. Each Monstie also has its set of Skills which can be used while riding the Monstie.

Another thing that affects the Monsties is its Genetic rarity. The rarer Monsties will have better genes, and better genes mean that they can level up better and learn more abilities and skills.

Below we have listed some of the best Monsties that you can obtain at the start of MH Stories 2.

Royal Ludroth

Royal Ludroth is one of the best Monsties you can get at the start of MH Stories 2. It is a Power Type Monstie that has Water Abilities.

Royal Ludroth has the Swim skill as well, which will be really useful to access blocked areas to get your hands on treasures and other types of rare loot.


Zamtrios is a Technical Type Monstie with Swim and Monster Search Skills. The Monster search skill is really useful is it allows you to find other monsters on the map. Zamtrios can be found in the Loloska area.


Velocidrome is a Speed Monstie whose skill is being able to jump high. This will be really useful to access areas you otherwise would not be able to reach. Velcidrome is a really common Monstie found in Hakolo Island.


Nargacuga is a Speed Type Monstie which great Stealth Skills. It is one of the rare Monsties which hatch from a pink striped tiger pattern egg. Nargacuga is one of the few first Monsties you will be able to obtain with Stealth skill which makes it really valuable.

Nargacuga also has a very high Critical Hit Rate, which means it will frequently do substantial damage to opponents in combat.


Monoblos is one of the first Royal Monsties you will find in Monster Hunter Stories 2. You will have to fight him first in order to obtain the egg. It is a really powerful Monster with really high defensive stats.

It also deals a fair amount of damage to its opponents. Its roar skill can scare off most of the monsters you will face. All in all, one of the most versatile Monsties Monoblos is.

Kecha Wacha

Kecha Wacha is a Technical Type Monstie with Ivy Climb and Bug Search Skill. It is one of the few Monsties with the Ivy Climb skill, which allows you to climb up different Ivy patches to reach different loot.

It also marks bugs on the map, making your exploring much easier.


Basarios is a technical Monstie with Ore and Bone Search and Ground Dive Skill. Its searching skills will make collecting resources much easier as it will mark ores on the map.

However, it is a bit rare to find, so you will need to have luck on your side to find Basarios.


Tigrex, like Monoblos, is a Royal Monstie that has a 5 star rating. Just like with Monoblos, you will have to fight him to get the egg.

He has a great critical hit rating and one of the first Monsties with Ivy Climb. Tigrex will be worth getting early on in the game.

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