How to Get Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise

While playing through Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you’ll likely find yourself constantly running out of a new material called “Stiffbone”. Twisted Stiffbone is a newly added crafting material in MH Rise Sunbreak and is very important for crafting new weapons and armors. To help you out with that, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you exactly where you can find Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to Get Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise

To be able to find Twisted Stiffbone, you first need to acquire access to the Shrine Ruins location, which become available once you unlock the Master Rank difficulty.

Now, once you’re in the Shrine Ruins, your first source of Twisted Stiffbones will be Bonepiles. There are only six Bonepiles present in the Shrine Ruins area and we’ve marked the location of all six of them in the map image below.

Each Bonepile is located ahead of the previous one, so you can plan out a farming route for these Bonepiles when you’re exploring the area.

From the spawn point head north-east until you reach the first Bonepile. From there, head to the west to get the second one and so on until you’ve collected the last Bonepile on the other side of the map.

Do note that some of these Bonepiles are very easy to miss, so you need to know exactly where to look when you arrive at their locations.

The second Bonepile (from the starting point) is located on top of a hill at its location.

For the next Bonepile (number 3), first, use the Great Wirebug that you’ve found adjacent to Bonepile number 2 to start heading down. Once you’re at the bottom, go across the gaps in the wooden structure using Wirebugs and then go through the arch to find Bonepile number 3.

An important mechanic to note that’ll save you a lot of time is that Twisted Stiffbone can also be collected by your Palico. So when you’re trying to farm Twisted Stiffbone, make sure to bring your Palico with you.

What is Twisted Stiffbone Used for?

You’ll need to use Twisted Stiffbone no matter how deep you’re into the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion. It is used to craft all kinds of Master Rank weapons in MH Rise.

At the start of the expansion, you’ll need to farm Twisted Stiffbone to be able to craft gear such as the Bone armor set and Conqueress II Switch Axe, while near the end of the expansion, you’ll need it to craft gear such as the Seregios Greaves.