Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Seregios Weaknesses, Weapons, Armor and Drops

Seregios is a wicked flying wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and killing the beast is no easy task. This...

Seregios is a wicked flying wyvern in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and killing the beast is no easy task. This guide is meant to help you familiarize yourself with Seregios’ abilities and attacks so you can effectively counter them and provide tips on how you can easily take down Seregios in MH Rise.

Seregios is distinct from the other Wyverns in MH Rise Sunbreak due to the Golden Scales covering its body. They are territorial monsters, able to launch the scales on their body impaling their victims and causing them to bleed.

Where Can I Find Seregios in MH Rise Sunbreak?

As of now, Seregios can be found in The Citadel, Sandy Plains and Shrine Ruins. Since Seregios has been released in the Sunbreak expansion of Monster Hunter Rise, there are no quests yet that feature Seregios as the prime target.

Seregios Weaknesses

Listed below is all type of damage you can cause to Seregios’ different body parts in MHR Sunbreak. This information will help you figure out which element is it the weakest against and which weapons cause it the most damage.

Body Parts Cut Damage Blunt Damage Ammo Damage Fire Damage Water Damage Thunder Damage Ice Damage Dragon Damage
Head 55 60 45 0 10 20 15 5
Neck 35 40 30 0 5 15 10 5
Abdomen 35 35 25 0 5 10 5 5
Back 30 30 20 0 5 10 5 5
Wingarms 30 30 20 0 5 25 5 5
Wings 35 35 25 0 5 20 10 5
Legs 50 45 45 0 10 20 15 5
Tail 40 30 35 0 5 15 10 5

Seregios is weakest to Blunt Physical Damage generally and Thunder Elemental Damage. The best weapons to deal with Seregios will be the ones that deal both Blunt and Thunder Elemental damage, providing the best damage values for taking down the golden beast.

We can also see that Seregios is completely resistant to any and every Fire Elemental attack, and highly resistant to Dragon, Water and Ice Elemental attacks making them useless in the fight against Seregios.

Seregios’ Ailment Effectiveness

Below is the effectiveness of the different ailments that you can inflict on Seregios.

  • Poison – 1 Star
  • Stun – 1 Star
  • Paralysis – Immune
  • Sleep – 1 Star
  • Blast – 2 Star
  • Exhaust – 3 Star
  • Fireblight – 1 Star
  • Waterblight – 1 Star
  • Thunderblight – 2 Star
  • Iceblight – 1 Stars

Seregios Attack Patterns

Seregios will launch his scales at you in a lot of his attacks, so make sure you know how and when to avoid them when you decide to take on Seregios.

Following are the general attacks that Seregios will use in the fight:

Spit and Spin – Seregios will roar at you and simultaneously launch his neck scales. Following this, Seregios will spin and try to hit you with his tail and also launch more scales from his tail. The scales in the first part will be in a single direction but concentrated. In the second part, scales will spread out in different directions.

Talon Attack – Seregios will fly up and attack you with his claws. As soon as Seregios will land, he will slide a small distance in the direction of the attack, so position yourself properly if you want to punish. This attack can be repeated in quick succession.

Talon Scratch – Seregios will only do this if you are too close to its legs. Seregios will lift the feet that are close to you and scratch you.

Tail Club – This attack has two variations but the starting animation is the same. Seregios will swing its tail and then start hovering above you. Seregios will either then follow with another tail sweep with scale launching, or spin in the air and reach for you with its claws.

How to Defeat Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Focus on the Center Body

The best body parts to focus on when hitting are Seregios’ Neck, Abdomen and Legs. You can also go for the Head, be we strongly advise against Seregios’ Wings and Tail.

The main reason is that when you are attacking the central parts of Seregios’ body, he will mostly use the Talon Attack and Talon Scratch. Talon Scratch does not deal very high damage, and you can easily get out of way from Talon Attack as the attack has an animation long enough for you to dodge out of the way.

If you focus on the Tail and Wings, Seregios will mostly use his tail sweeps, which are absurdly fast and unpredictable. Other than this, the sweep is always followed by another attack, and dodging that attack becomes difficult if you get hit with the sweep.

Use Effective Weapons

As said above, Seregios is weakest to Blunt Physical Damage and Thunder Elemental Damage. Make sure your weapon fulfills these criteria instead of picking the highest AR weapon that you have, even though it will be extremely inefficient against Seregios.

Your focus should be on what damages Seregios. Using bombs will also be somewhat ineffective as Seregios is immune to Fire, some make sure your traps deal Thunder Damage rather than any other.

Clear the Arena

Seregios is aggressive and can be a handful if it’s your first encounter. Make sure there are no other monsters around. You don’t want them to get involved in the fight if they are also going to be attacking you.

On the other hand, they can be a huge help as they can stat attacking Seregios and start distracting it from you and damaging it as well. However, we recommend taking caution instead of a slim chance that a random monster will decide to help you for no reason.

Seregios Item Drops

Following is a table of items you can get by defeating Seregios. The table shows the chances of the Master Rank variation of Seregios.

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Material
Seregios Slavescales 21% 23% 17% 32% (head) 12% (tail) 16%, 30%
Seregios Airblade 35% 33% 10% 24% (body) 10 (tail) 33%, 55%
Seregios Carver 18% 10% 70% 21% 15%
Seregios Scrapers 15% 21% 70% 10%
Seregios Impaler 8% 10% 75%
Seregios Breachers 80% 12%
Large Wyvern Tear 50%

Seregios Armors

The resources acquired from Seregios are needed for the following armor sets in MHR:

  • Seregios Set
  • Sailor Set
  • Diablos X Set

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