How to Defeat Apex Zinogre in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise has many interesting and engaging monsters for players to hunt, but how to hunt them is not always straightforward or easy. This Monster Hunter Rise Apex Zinogre guide will help you hunt down the newly added Apex Zinogre in MHR by outlining some key strategies and attack patterns.

Monster Hunter Rise Apex Zinogre

Zinogre is a mighty monster in the world of Monster Hunter Rise, and a Zinogre designated as the Apex is bound to be the biggest and baddest of them all. Apex Zinogre is a huge, lightning spewing beasty that players need to hunt down.

Let’s take a look at its attack patterns and figure out how to best and defeat the Apex Zinogre in MH Rise.

Apex Zinogre’s Attacks

The attacks of the might Apex Zinogre in MH Rise are all lightning imbued or summon forth lighting bolts. A ton of the Apex Zinogre’s ranged attacks have him jumping and spinning, and as he does so, he launches lightning balls at the players. Simply dodge them.

Keep in mind that the attack can be done between 2 to 5 times at once in a row, so don’t go on the offense after the first attack and watch out for follow-ups.

Also, as Apex Zinogre jumps and spins, he knocks away any player in close vicinity to him, rendering them defenseless against the first attack.

Another one of Apex Zinogre’s devastating attacks has him first jump some distance away from the player and then stomps back towards and all over the player. Each of his stomps has a blast of lightning, dealing stun damage.  After the stomp, lightning falls from above straight to where he had stomped, again dealing damage.

The final major attack in Apex Zinogre’s arsenal is him roaring and discharging current. This is followed by lightning falling on the player. Again, dodge away to avoid getting hit, but same as before, the number of lightning falling is variable, so make sure you keep on dodging before going back on offense.

Hunt Tips

Apex Zinogre will run away after it first spots any hunters through the first gate. Instead of following him, it’s better to break open the final gate after he busts through the first gate and set up your defenses and traps. This will immensely help you throughout the battle.

Machine cannons and Wyvern fire artillery deal loads of damage, so these are the best choice for this fight. Set these up as you get through the Final Gate. Other hunter installations are not as effective as these.

Ringing a Counter Gong greatly increases the attack power of all hunters present, granting them a fighting chance. These can be game-changers in the battle, and players should use any opportunity they get.

To avoid Apex Zinogre’s attacks, Wirebug dashes works wonders. However, you need to anticipate the beast’s attacks and make sure you jump out at the right time; otherwise, his attacks will home on you and catch you.

This is all we have on fighting the great apex monster Zinogre; Good luck on your hunt!

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