Monster Hunter Generations Mounting Guide – How to Mount Monsters Using Insect Glaive and Aerial Styles

Similar to earlier Monster Hunter iterations, Monster Hunter Generations allow players to mount a monster. Monster Hunter Generations mounting essentially requires you to jump onto large beasts and damage them.

There are a couple of methods using which you can mount a large beast in Monster Hunter Generations. While some Monster Hunter Generations mounting methods are comparatively easier than the others, it is a good idea to have knowledge of them all.

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Monster Hunter Generations Mounting

Our Monster Hunter Generations Mounting Guide details everything you need to know about mounting large beasts in the game and how to do it!

Monster Hunter Generations Mounting – Jump from a Ledge

If you do not have an Aerial Style, you got to do it the old-fashioned way. This method essentially requires you to gain a height advantage over the beast that you wish to mount. To achieve this, you need to get on top of a cliff/ledge that can be found throughout the game world.

Once there, you need to jump off the cliff/ledge while attacking the beast directly from above. You should also give Hunting Arts like Aerial Slam a go which will allow you to cover more ground and reach the beast you desire to mount.

If you successfully land on the beast, it will trigger sort of a mini-game. During the Monster Hunter Generations mounting mini-game, you should be able to attack with A/X. However, as soon as you see the pop-up meter turn red, hold down ‘R’ in order to calm the beast.

Once you have successfully filled up the pop-up meter, you will knock the monster over, allowing you to deal more damage.

Monster Hunter Generations Mounting – Aerial Style

This hunting style essentially allows you to perform a small jump. When used to gain a height advantage over the beast, you should be able to jump directly onto it and mount it.

Monster Hunter Generations Mounting – Insect Glaive

This is easily one of the better weapons in Monster Hunter Generations and can be used to mount beasts. By pressing the ‘R’ and ‘B’ buttons, you will be able to pole vault which can be combined with an Aerial Style in order to soar through the air and leap directly onto the targeted beast from a huge distance.

This is all we have on Monster Hunter Generations Mounting Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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