Monster Hunter Generations High Rank Guide – Optimal Way to Hit 7-Star Guild Quests

How to reach Monster Hunter Generations high rank and how it is recommended not to do it solo and reaching Deviant with combination of HR7 and Palicoes.

Getting into Monster Hunter Generations high rank is a daunting task and something you should not do alone unless you are trying to punish yourself for no apparent reason.

Unless you are farming or want to get most out of the game, it is highly recommended that you take on Monster Hunter Generations Guild Quests with a party of friends.

As noted by Siliconera; it became relatively easy to cut through a tough Monster with an HR7 Hunter – one with Aerial Great Sword and one with Aerial Insect Glaive.

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Monster Hunter Generations High Rank

It goes without saying that a few Hunting Styles can make short work of Normal Monsters when properly utilized in a Team Composition. While these Hunting Styles may cut through Furious Ketcha Watcha, Golden Rathian, and others in a matter of minutes – the entire experience indeed becomes a tad underwhelming.

Since we need to find a balance, it is optimal that you go with a friend and x2 Palicoes or 2 friends and a Palico. Of course, this is not optimal for anyone trying to rush through the game, but it will certainly provide a balance of both.

The sections that definitely require 4-person cooperation are Deviant Monsters. With a total of 12 of these unique Deviant Monsters, they will test the mettle of even the most avid Hunters who managed to reach Monster Hunter Generations High Rank without anyone’s help.

Since there are x10 levels to each Monster Hunter Generations Deviant Monster; Hunting Styles, Hunter Arts, Abilities, and even Armour Sets should be treated carefully to be successful.

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