Modern Warfare 2 Twitch Drops: How To Get

Just like the previous CoD games, with the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) Activision and Amazon join hands once again to give free drops to players watching live streams on Twitch from October 28 to November 6.

Just watch any stream between the above-mentioned dates to complete specific time-watched milestones and each milestone will unlock different rewards for CoD MWII players.

To get started with Call of Duty MW2 twitch drops, you first have to link Twitch and Activision Accounts.

To connect both accounts, you must follow the steps below.

  • Head to the Twitch account and open Account Settings.
  • Link Twitch Account to Activision ID.

Once the accounts have been linked and you see your Twitch profile under the Connections tab on your Activision profile settings, you are good to go and can watch any streamer with Drops Enabled tag on their channel.

How to claim Call of Duty MW II (2022) Twitch drops

After linking the accounts, head to Twitch on any date from October 28 to November 6 and watch any streamer that has the Drops Enabled tag on your channel. We will be updating here with a list of best channels to watch for MW2 drops once the promo begins.

The rewards you can get depend on your time watching the streaming. The following are the rewards you can get along with the time you will need to watch a live stream.

Keep in mind that the times are cumulative instead of individual. You don’t have to watch continue watching just one channel if you don’t like their content and can switch to another as your progress will resume. However, you can only progress on one channel at a time.

If you try to outsmart the system by watching multiple streams at the same time, it won’t work and only one channel will count toward your progression.

  • For watching 15 minutes of the live stream, you will get 141 Weapon Charm.
  • For watching 30 minutes of the live stream, you will get a Death’s Angel Calling Card and Emblem.
  • For watching 45 minutes of the live stream, you will get Something in My Teeth Weapon Sticker.
  • For watching 60 minutes of the live stream, you will get Watchdog 141 Weapon Blueprint.

After watching the live stream for a required time, you can collect the drops from your inventory. Click on the Inventory icon in top right and claim your rewards from the Drops section.

These rewards will stay in your inventory, and you can use them after starting the game.

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