Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead – Sniper Jump Scare Easter Egg Guide

Just keep looking for a surprise in Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 2 zombies is filled with many Easter Eggs to find. One of them happens to be a sniper jump scare that players can experience in Mob of the Dead. The Easter Egg involves showing a disfigured face of Samantha that can definitely catch you off guard.

The Easter Egg is quite easy to find and only has a few requirements that need to be fulfilled. It is best to use it to prank one of your teammates. In this guide, we’ll go over how you can find the jump scare Easter Egg in Mob of the Dead and even troll one of your friends.

How to Do the Sniper Jump Scare in Mob of the Dead

Players must first complete two prerequisite tasks to experience the sniper jump scare. The first task is acquiring a sniper rifle through the Mystery Box. There are five Mystery Boxes in Mob of the Dead, use any of them until you’ve successfully acquired a sniper rifle.

Once the sniper rifle is equipped, the next step is to unlock the roof. The roof can be unlocked by using the Afterlife and powering on the rooftop door through the Infirmary.

After both tasks are complete, head to the left side of the roof and stand in the corner. A bunch of fireworks will be going off. What you need to do is aim your sniper rifle (look through the scope) at the fireworks for a few seconds until a severed head is displayed on your screen.


Perhaps it is best to not try it late at night when you are all alone.

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