How To Farm Gold In Minecraft Legends

Gold in Minecraft Legends is one of the crucial resources that you will need for many important tasks. You need Gold in Minecraft Legends ...

Gold in Minecraft Legends is one of the crucial resources that you will need for many important tasks. You need Gold in Minecraft Legends to awaken golems and purchase upgrades for your army and buildings. For this, the only resource acceptable as a currency in the game is sure to be important and rare.

Still, there are ways to farm as much gold as you need in Minecraft Legends. This guide will help you farm gold in Minecraft Legends.

How to get Gold in Minecraft Legends

The simplest way to get gold in Minecraft Legends is by mining gold nodes in mines. You regularly find gold blocks in mines. You can put them in furnaces to get gold ingots. Some other ways to get gold includes:

Raiding Piglin bases

Raiding Piglin bases is the best way to get gold in Minecraft Legends. Once you have good weapons and armor, you should start raiding Piglin bases around the world. All of these bases are part of the main game, and you need to destroy the fortifications of the base, structures like walls, towers, spawners, and ballista. Doing so will get you a lot of Prismarine.

To get gold, you must destroy the foundation’s non-fortified structures. These structures include the various equipment found in the bases, e.g., drills. All of these structures give gold when destroyed.

Open chests

Other than these, you can find chests hidden across these bases. All of these chests have gold and other resources in them. These chests are locked, and you can find the keys for them on Piglins that you kill inside the base, so unlocking them won’t be your biggest problem.

Besides the main Piglin bases, you can also find hordes of smaller Piglin camped up in various places around Minecraft Legends world. These camps are much easier to find and clear out. These camps also have chests; you can unlock them to get plenty of gold in Minecraft Legends.

A single chest in these camps can have as much as 100 gold, more than enough to last you a long time.

Don’t destroy the portal

Whenever raiding bases, avoid destroying the portal immediately. When destroyed, the portal destroys all the surrounding structures, allowing easy access to the resources, but they will disappear faster than you can collect them.

The best option to maximize your haul is to destroy every structure yourself so you can collect the resources that everything drops.

Destroy mining outposts

Lastly, you want to raid and destroy Piglin mining outpost. Piglins have most of their mining outpost set around gold mines in Minecraft Legends. Destroying these mines and killing all the Piglins in them will land you abundant gold and make it worthwhile.

Other than these, you can find gold when you kill random enemies across the world; not much, but it can be enough as you play through the game.

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