How To Farm Prismarine In Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, Prismarine is an important resource you will need throughout the gameplay. This resource plays an important role ...

In Minecraft Legends, Prismarine is an important resource you will need throughout the gameplay. This resource plays an important role in the crafting of upgrade structures. Minecraft Legends Prismarine is also used to upgrade your bases, Allay buildings, and craft a Wellhouse. With these upgrades, you can craft more devastating mobs and increase their number to assist you in the fight against Piglins.

How to quickly get Prismarine in Minecraft Legends

Upgraded Allays play an important role in more unique resource gatherings. And how can we forget about repairing damaged villages? All these repairs, upgrades, and crafting are impossible without Prismarine in Minecraft Legends. All this makes it essential for you to know how to farm Prismarine.

Below are some ways you can follow to farm a lot of Prismarine quickly in Minecraft Legends.

Destroying Piglin structures

You can attack Piglin structures by going to the overworld and directing your mobs toward Piglin encampments. Destroying Piglin structures doesn’t give much Prismarine in Minecraft Legends, but it is safer and faster. You can destroy these structures without wasting precious resources like Lapis on crafting mobs.

Piglin Structures usually appear every morning and night so that you can easily farm them twice a day.

Raiding Piglin Bases

This is not an easy task, and you will require assistance from your mobs to accomplish this task. We recommend creating cobblestone golems that particularly target enemy bases. This will cost you a lot of Lapis, so follow our guide to farm Lapis before going on a full-scale attack against Piglins.

You don’t need to destroy the base completely to earn Prismarine, as any damage to the base will drop this green gemstone in Minecraft Legends. Move closer to collect it, as Prismarine won’t be auto-collected. Destroying the Piglin Base completely will get you a huge amount of Prismarine.

Village Chest

By defending a village successfully at night against Piglin hordes, the villagers will gift you Prismarine by placing it inside Village Chest on sunrise. Go to the central fountain of the village and collect Prismarine from the village chest in Minecraft Legends.

This is luck-based, and the amount of Prismarine collected from the village chest is usually less than the other methods. Prismarine can be collected from other chests that Allay collected for you throughout your journey, but don’t rely on them.

These are the only ways to get your hands on this upgrade stone in Minecraft Legends. Don’t waste Prismarine as they are difficult to come by, and you won’t survive a single minute without it on higher difficulties.

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