Minecraft Dungeons Enemies Guide

In this Minecraft Dungeons Enemies Guide, we will tell you about all the monsters and forces of Arch-Illager you will encounter in the game

In this Minecraft Dungeons Enemies Guide, we will tell you about all the monsters and enemies you will face during your dungeon diving adventures.

Minecraft Dungeons Enemies

Each zone in Minecraft Dungeons comes with its own cast of monsters. With our handy monster guide, you’ll know exactly where you will find which monster; so that you are ready to face them beforehand.

Squid Coast

  • Zombie: it is a common monster that simply tries to damage the player in its radius. They are mostly encountered in Squid Coast and are also one of the weakest gangs in the game.
  • Skeleton: They are kind of equal to Zombies according to their low health and ability to wear armor. They carry bows which allow them to attack from long distance.
  • Vindicator: they are the Special Forces unit, which will attack the player with his axe dealing very high damage when provoked.

Creeper Woods

  • Creeper: They attack players by self-destructing while running towards the player dealing a huge amount damage.
  • Spider: they attempt to trap the player in their web before attempting to do melee attack.
  • Enchanter: it acts a supporter which also goes by its name. It enchants any other monster which is in its radius. If the enchanter is killed the mob will return back to its normal form.

Pumpkin Pastures Monsters

  • Chicken Jockey: it is a rare hostile monster which comprises of zombie and a chicken.
  • Geomancer: it is a tactical expert in battle which summons two different type of pillars in order to help other monsters which are Geomancer Wall and Geomancer Bomb. Geomancer Wall will fall back to the ground after 5 seconds when it is summoned. While Geomancer Bomb is a bomb which Geomancer summons near the player. After 5 seconds of continuous sprouting orange cracks, it will explode dealing a high damage but in a small radius.
  • Evoker: This monster has two types of attacks, Vexes and Fangs. Evoker summons 4 Vexes, while in Fangs, Evoker summons them in different formation according to the situation. If the player is near to him he will summon the Fangs in circular formation in order to surround him and if the player is away from him he summon the fangs in line towards him. While he is not attacking he will try to stay away from the player.

Fiery Forge Enemies

  • Vindicator:
  • Redstone Golem: it is a mini-boss that appears to be a sample of Redstone Monstrosity having few similarities like him.
  • Redstone Monstrosity: it is a giant golem that is powered by Redstone. It is able to cause eruption with the help of its stone arms. The Redstone Monstrosity also spits fireballs.

Desert Temple Monsters

  • Husk: they are a modified type of zombies and having similar attack pattern.
  • Summoner: they will attack the player with the help of their staff which they are carrying and will shoot blue colored balls and summon mobs to attack the player.
  • Skeleton Vanguard: Vanguard quickly rushes towards the player and attacks with his glaive. Also its shield absorbs damage which requires the player to attack him from the back or attack until his shield breaks apart.
  • Wraith: it generates magical blue flames on the floor and when the player is near to it, it kicks you.
  • The Nameless One: it is a boss which will summon Skeleton Vanguards for his support and to attack you. It can also teleport himself.

Obsidian Pinnacle

  • Arch-Illager: he is assumed to have Orb’s powers and is confirmed to command a huge army of illagers and also capable of summoning Ambushes during missions.

Apart from the monsters mentioned above, there are a few more enemy types in MC Dungeons which we have listed below.

  • Bat
  • Silverfish
  • Redstone Cube
  • Phantom
  • Slime
  • Witch
  • Royal Guards
  • Jack o’Lantern
  • Enderman
  • Skeleton Horseman
  • Cauldron Boss

The mobs mentioned below are only accessible in the Hero’s Edition of Minecraft Dungeons.

  • Mossy Zombie
  • Frozen Zombie
  • Mossy Skeleton
  • False King
  • Leaper
  • Whisperer
  • Poison Quill Vine
  • Quick-Growing Vine
  • Snow Golem
  • Icy Creeper
  • Stray
  • Mooshroom Monstrosity
  • Jungle Abomination
  • Jungle Zombie
  • Wraith
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