Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem Boss Guide

In this Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem guide, we will give you a rundown of all the useful details for this...

In this Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem guide, we will give you a rundown of all the useful details for this monster. The Redstone Golem is a mini boss that you’ll find while adventuring in the depths of Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem Boss

With its devilish appearance and vacant eyes, the Redstone golem shares many of the characteristics of its bigger brother: the Redstone Monstrosity.

The Redstone Golem’s Attacks
Unlike the raw power of the Redstone Monstrosity, the Redstone Golem’s attacks are much weaker.

The golem’s strong rocky arms are, nonetheless, able to dish out massive damage in an arc in the direction he is facing.

This serves as his primary attack, and is best dealt by dodge rolling away from the golem.

His second attack move is the real kicker. Best described as an area-denial move, the Redstone Golem summons a field of yellow-colored mines.

Benign as they seem, these mines can insta-kill players who step on ‘em carelessly.

How to Defeat The Redstone Golem
Daunting as your fight with the Redstone Golem might seem at first, this engagement can be done with a simple melee weapon, a bow, and a bottle of health potion.

Players should keep their distance and chip away at the golem’s health, initially, by shooting arrows and rolling away anytime he closes in to deliver his melee attack.

Whenever the Redstone Golem is about to lay down his killer mines, you should quickly close in on him and deliver swift blows with your sword.

This is because while he is busy deploying mines, the Redstone Golem is completely open to damage from your melee attacks.

It’s imperative that you don’t get yourself cornered, as this will result in the golem bashing you to death and resulting in a mission failure.

So, make sure to keep the area clear of any smaller enemies, and to give yourself room to maneuver freely.

As dangerous as his attacks can be, they are not too difficult to figure out and accordingly dealt with. What might make the fight a bit tedious for a few of you is the Redstone Golem’s large health pool.

But, as long as you chip away his health bit-by-bit, and melee him when he’s open to your melee attacks; the Redstone Golem boss fight should be a piece of cake for you.

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