How to Fix Minecraft Dungeons Crash on PC and Xbox One

Minecraft Dungeons is out now, counting both satisfied and unsatisfied players all over the world. Some fans confirm that while trying to play Minecraft Dungeons on PC and Xbox One, they keep stumbling upon a crash issue. Minecraft’s support team has provided some fixes for this issue, some more obvious than others.

If you are experiencing the same crash in Minecraft Dungeons, the first thing you might want to do is restart your PC or Xbox One and see if this easy fix solves your issue. The support forum claims that there is a bug causing those crashes, which a simple restart can solve.

If this doesn’t work then you can try logging out from your account and logging in again. This fix is helpful for different types of bugs while using Microsoft’s gaming hub. This isn’t a 100% working fix though, so don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t work.

Next up, you can check if all updates and requirements are installed. If all is in order, try lowering your graphics options from within the game. High graphics could cause additional strain to your PC and can lead to crashes.

If this doesn’t fix the crash issue in Minecraft Dungeons then you should go ahead and contact Minecraft’s help desk and see if there’s something relevant to your files that causes the issue.

Minecraft Dungeons is far from perfect right now, this doesn’t stop fans though. The game had a successful release with thousands of players throughout the globe even with some known bugs and crashes.


We hope Mojang will tackle those remaining issues in the next few days. Up next will be the ability to play co-op through cross-play, which will be a major seller for the title itself. We might not have a timeline for the release of this feature. However, we do hope it’s soon.

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