How to Fix Minecraft Dungeons Game Ownership Not Established Error

If you have just started playing Minecraft Dungeons, it is possible that you might have run into an error that prevents you from going past the start screen. This guide will show you How to Fix Minecraft Dungeons Game Ownership Not Established Error and dive into the dungeon crawler.

We will be going over a few methods you can try to verify your Minecraft Dungeons Ownership and help you jump right into the blocky world of Minecraft Dungeons.

How to Fix Minecraft Dungeons Game Ownership Not Established Error

Minecraft Dungeons’ release has raked in a significant number of people, and the number of players connecting to the game has definitely made an impact on the health of Mojang’s servers.

Due to the excessive load, players have been experiencing an error where their game ownership simply cannot be verified on the account they made the purchase.

Most PC players have been experiencing the Game Ownership not Established bug since the release.

So if you happen to be one of the few unlucky players who just can’t seem to squeeze through into the game, then you might want to try out the following fixes.


Restart the Game
The most obvious fix, that has surprisingly worked for a lot of players, is restarting the game a few times. Eventually, the game will be able to verify your purchase through your Xbox Live account.

Reinstall Minecraft Dungeons
Install Minecraft Dungeons from scratch one more time. You can do this by heading to the app settings and clicking reset.

Launch the Game through the Xbox App
Many players have reported issues if they try to launch the game through the Microsoft Store. Try starting the game up by using the Xbox app.

Using the Xbox Gamebar
A work-around until the issue gets fixed, is to simply open the Xbox Gamebar and join a friend who is already in-game. This will allow you to get to the main menu and get started.

Log Out of All Xbox Apps
Log out of Microsoft Store and Xbox live and log back in. This will hopefully verify your purchase and allow you to play the game.

Contact Mojang Support
If all else fails, contact Mojang support directly on their web-page, or on Twitter or Reddit. Hopefully, they will be able to help you with the issue in much better detail.

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