Mike Ybarra Shows off The Teeny Tiny Xbox One Scorpio Processor

Mike Ybarra showed off the very tiny Xbox One Scorpio processor in a Twitter post today, showing what hopefully is a lot of power in a pretty small package.

Mike Ybarra, the vice president of Xbox, gave us a sneak peek of the Xbox One Scorpio processor on Twitter today via a picture. Shockingly, despite the Scorpio being reportedly the most powerful console ever (even being compared to PCs), the processor is astonishingly tiny, small enough to lift with two fingers.

The picture belies the sort of power that the Xbox One Scorpio is going to have, not to mention everything the Xbox One Scorpio processor is going to be capable of. With 4K now being more and more achievable by many TVs, and gamers wanting better graphics all the time, a processor like the Xbox One Scorpio’s might just deliver that.

We haven’t really seen anything of what the Xbox One Scorpio can do, however, but when E3 rolls around in a few weeks hopefully we’ll get a demonstration. While we got the specs of the console back in January, unlike the Playstation 4 Pro we haven’t gotten any examples of what games will look like when played on it.

Microsoft’s E3 conference would be a great opportunity for them to show us what games will look like when played on the new console. Considering that many analysts have predicted somewhat lackluster sales for the Scorpio, Microsoft will have to make certain that the Scorpio has a good showing at E3 to hopefully boost hype for it.

Of course, part of the console’s appeal will be what the Xbox One Scorpio processor can do. Yes, it’s tiny, but if the processor can’t pull off what Microsoft advertises it to be capable of, it’ll be a pretty big hit to the Scorpio’s prospects.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see how the Scorpio looks when it comes to E3 next month. In the meantime, if you’re one of those people that wants a Scorpio, cross your fingers and hope it’s good!

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