Marvel’s Midnight Suns Dolls Locations Guide

In this guide, we will discuss how you can complete the unknown grave mystery puzzle in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not short on mysteries and puzzles for the players to solve. Among these include finding handmade dolls that are scattered at different locations.

The dolls are part of the mystery revolving around Dreamer’s descent. Three of these handmade dolls are required to be placed alongside the grave. By doing so you will be able to access an Epic Arcane Chest as a reward for completing this mystery in Midnight Suns.

In this guide, we will discuss how you can complete the Unknown Grave Mystery puzzle in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and where you can find the three dolls that are required to complete the puzzle.

Where to find all the handmade dolls 

The Unknown Grave Mystery Puzzle requires the player to find three dolls and place them atop their designated area, however, finding these items might be slightly confusing and might prove to be a slight challenge.

Thankfully, we have found the locations of these three handmade dolls for you across The Abbey in Midnight Suns.

Hunter Doll

The first handmade doll you’ll find is located at the Dreamer’s Descent. After you’ve interacted with the grave that initiates this quest, turn around and you’ll notice two paths you can take to move forward.

Move towards the rocky path and eventually, you’ll come across some blue torches lit up, which will lead you to the first Handmade Doll, titled Hunter.

Caretaker Doll

This doll is found following the other path, near the grave that has stairs leading up to a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and you’ll notice another blue torch, alongside which you’ll come across the second handmade doll titled, Caretaker.

Lilith Doll

To find this doll you’ll be required to travel to Stone Terrace. Follow the path surrounded by yellow torches until you come across a staircase leading upwards toward a few blue torches.

Instead of heading upwards, turn left and follow this path until you notice two blue torches next to the circular wooden fence. Head towards this area and you’ll find the Lilith Doll sitting on a table.

How to complete the Dreamer’s Descent Unknown Grave Mystery

To complete the grave mystery regarding Dreamer’s Descent you need three handmade dolls that you collected earlier. Take these dolls to the “Unknown Grave”. The location of this grave will appear on your map, and you just need to place three dolls on the gravestone next to the “Handmade Father Doll” to complete the mystery.

This will initiate a cut scene in which a large Epic Arcane chest will appear alongside the grave. To open the chest, you need an Arcane Key.

If you don’t have the key, then you can also leave it and go search for the key. The location of the chest will be marked on your map as well if you want to unlock it later.

As you unlock the chest you will get

  • 21 credits
  • Armor Stand
  • Steel Wind (Rare Palette)

Once you have opened the chest, Sara will automatically be summoned to your location. You can interact with her, and this will conclude your quest. 

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