Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tarot Card Locations Guide

Tarot Cards are one of the collectibles scattered across the hub world of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Collecting these tarot cards...

Tarot Cards are one of the collectibles scattered across the hub world of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Collecting these tarot cards not only unlocks part of the lore but also rewards players with items. 

Since all of these Tarot Cards are scattered across different locations in Midnight Suns, so you will have to explore all these places to obtain the cards.

For that purpose, we have prepared a guide in which we will assist you with locating all the Tarot Cards in Marvel Midnight Suns.

Where to find every Tarot Card in Midnight Suns

There are a total of 22 Tarot Cards that can be found in Marvel’s Midnight Sun. You will have to travel to different places to collect these cards. Some areas in the game are the hotspot of the Tarot Card, like The Abbey while the others are scattered around the grounds.

Tarot CardCharacterLocation
ChariotSilver SurferAfter getting the second Broken Moon Seal fragment, cross the bridge next to Lilith’s Garden. The Chariot Tarot Card will be on the stone wall in front of you.
DeathDeathFollow the path leading towards the mountaintop from Agatha Altar. You will find the Death Tarot Card next to the overlook on the cliffside.
DevilDaimon HelstromThe Devil Tarot Card can be found in the Misty Moors. You just need to head north from where you find the Judgement Tarot Card.
EmperorT’ChallaFollow the path leading from Everflowing Glade. You will find the Emperor Tarot Card on the left side of the track close to a statue.
EmpressStormIf you go towards Hiram Shaw Church, you will see a graveyard with a big Celtic Cross gravestone. On top of this gravestone, you will find the Empress Tarot Card.
FoolDeadpoolUsing the fourth Moon Seal, clear the debris blocking the Gideon Cross. The Fool Tarot Card is just south, on top of an altar.
Hanged ManBucky BarnesAfter getting the second Broken Moon Seal, use Reveal to cross the bridge next to Agatha’s Altar. The Hanged Man Tarot Card will be on top of a stone.
HermitNamorLook for a tree stump as soon as you enter the Whispering Woods, and move towards the top to find The Hermit Tarot Card.
HierophantProfessor XHead to the backside of the Hiram Shaw Church and look for a broken cart. Right next to that cart is the Hierophant Tarot Card.
High PriestessJean GreyThe High Priestess Tarot Card is located northeast of the Standing Stones puzzle.
JudgmentGalactusAfter getting the fourth Moon Seal fragment, clear the debris and enter the Misty Moors area. The Judgement Tarot Card is next to a broken well.
JusticeShe-HulkHead to the back of Agatha’s Altar. The Justice Tarot Card is close to a broken window.
LoversDaredevil and ElektraUse the Word of Power to enter the small graveyard in the Garden of Envy. The Lovers Tarot Card will be on the left side.
MagicianDoctor DoomUsing the second Moon Seal, enter the wall towards the south of the Dreamer Descent area. The card will be behind that wall.
MoonMoon KnightThe Moon Tarot Card can be found on a table on the right of the Forge Room.
StarNovaEnter the Forge Room and head right to check the top of a wooden countertop for the Star Tarot Card.
StrengthThorHead to the Chapel at the Abbey to get the Strength Tarot Card.
SunJohnny StormIt can be found on the north side of the Abbey. While doing the Trial of Elder Gods on the second day, you will find it next to a pool.
TemperanceCloak and DaggerIt can be found on the north side of the Blood Gate, close to two adjacent rocks right next to the Dreamer’s Descent entrance.
The WorldUatu, the WatcherLocated near a building next to Agatha’s Cottage. Head inside the building and you will find The World Tarot Card on the table.
TowerThe Baxter BuildingHead towards the southeast side of Dreamer’s Descent and look for an Unknown Grave blocked by debris. Use the fourth moon seal to clear it and there you will find the card on the table.
Wheel of FortuneDominoAfter getting the first Broken Moon Seal fragment, enter Agatha Altar in the Ostun Cavern.

Tarot Cards rewards

Once you have collected all 22 cards as part of the side quest in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the following rewards will be made available for you.

  • Salem Suit
  • Salem Savior (Passive ability)

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