Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Now Available, Here’s What It Does

A new Microsoft Flight Simulator update has just dropped on the PC, and while it’s not a big patch, it should certainly help with some of the game’s most pressing issues like optimization and stability. So, if your computer can run it, you might want to take a look yourself.

First off, we have the stability updates. The game should no longer crash when the TBM 930 package is deleted, or when different input devices and peripherals are disconnected, which should help if you want to try a different method of flying your plane or something.

The biggest part of the update, however, is fixes to installation issues. Various install blocking issues like when a package is partially decompressed, when a user account includes non-ASCII characters, or a failed connection to servers, have been fixed.

The install screen will also not display an empty onboarding screen under certain conditions, and it will now also download a package so that you can access the main menu, even if the save data preference is set to offline. And that’s not all in the Microsoft Flight Simulator update.

As for the content manager, the game should no longer automatically download packages that you’ve deleted through the content manager. The content manager will also no longer get trapped in an infinite loading loop when it’s checked offline. And finally, the Creator name of packages should now be properly updated.

The last three categories of updates included in the Microsoft Flight Simulator update are related to optimization, Simconnect, and the game’s marketplace. There should no longer be any significant framedrop when Simconnect is in use. With optimization, there should also be increased performance when the Display name plate option is active.


Finally, in the game’s marketplace, the correct currency should now be properly updated. If you’ve been having any of these various issues while trying to play Microsoft Flight Simulator, hopefully the newest update will let you be able to actually play the game.

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