Microsoft Edge for Xbox One Confirmed by Developers

Microsoft Edge has been confirmed for Xbox One by the development team working on the browser.

Good news for the Xbox One users who also happen to be using Windows. Microsoft Edge has been confirmed for launch on the console!

We had reported the same about four months ago, but back then the news was not official – you can read up on our story here. Back then, the development team was more focused on the mobile version of the browser but it appears they are done with that and onto the console version.

The confirmation for Xbox One version of the new browser came out through the official Twitter profile of Microsoft Edge Developers during a Q&A session. However, the developers only answered one half of the question.

They have not discussed if the browser is going to have all the features that it does on Windows 10 although the question has been posed more than once.

If we ponder over it though, Edge is being developed as a universal app which should be available on multiple platforms, however, it will only truly be a universal app if the functionalities are not cut down.

We will be sharing more on the Xbox One version of Microsoft Edge as soon as the development team reveals anything else.

Until then, tell us if you know anyone who would prefer it if they get a choice between Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

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