Microsoft Edge For Xbox One is in the Pipeline, Says Microsoft

Microsoft Edge For Xbox One will be released in the future but the development team can't yet give a timeline for its release.

After almost 20 years, Microsoft Internet Explorer is being put on ice. The browser was mostly used to download a different browser, but it holds a special place on our desktop, a place we hardly visit by the way.

Nonetheless, the browser got the job done before the arrival of Chrome and Firefox so we  should thank Microsoft for it.

Since Internet Explorer is saying goodbye, we are about to see the dawn of Project Spartan, now officially named Microsoft Edge. The browser is the future of web surfing on Windows 10.

Microsoft is marketing the new browser as a universal app, meaning it will be available across a range of different platforms. We already know the mobile version and Windows 10 iteration is heading our way as soon as the final build for Windows 10 goes public.

However, the development team was recently asked if the new app is heading to Xbox One. The team replied by saying that Edge’s version for Xbox One is in the pipeline, but they are currently focused on mobile and Windows 10.

The development team said the browser is heading to the console but they can’t yet give a timeline for its release. If the new browser is planned for Xbox One, it means the current version is being scrapped soon.

Microsoft hasn’t yet stated if the Xbox One version will differ in any way from its Windows counterpart. We can expect to hear more regarding Microsoft Edge for Xbox One in the near future.

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