How to Get High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, High-Rank items are available later on in the game. The High-Rank content includes S-tier weapons, armor, and materials. One of the high-quality items you will require is the High-Quality Pelt. In this guide, we will explain How to Get High Quality Pelt in MH Rise.

How to Get High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, High Quality pelt can be obtained by hunting down higher ranked Kelbi and Anteka. These animals are found in the Shrine Ruins and Frost Island areas of the map.

After you unlock the High Rank content, you will be able to head to these high rank areas and hunt them down to obtain the High Quality Pelt.

When you start a High Rank quest, you will be able to visit the high rank versions of Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands. Head to any of the two locations and then start looking out for wild Kelbi and Anteka.

Kelbi is a good option for beginners looking for High Quality Pelt. Kelbi has a 45% chance of dropping High Quality Pelt and it is most commonly found in Shrine Ruins region 11 and 13. On the other hand, Antekas are found in Frost Islands, most commonly in region 1 and 6. However, compared to Kelbi, they have a lower drop rate of 18%.

High Quality Pelt Uses

High Quality pelt is used to craft different weapons and equipment as well. Below we have listed the different weapons and other equipment that require High Quality pelts as a crafting material.


High Quality Pelt Weapons

Below are the Monster Hunter Rise weapons you can upgrade using High Quality pelt.

  • Anteka Blade I (3 Pelts required)
  • Anteka Burst II (4 Pelts required)
  • Cyclecaster (3 Pelts required)
  • Heavy Bagpipe I (2 Pelts required)
  • Kelbi Stingshot II (4 Pelts required)
  • Teddybear II (5 Pelts required)
  • Bull Grunt I (4 Pelts required)
  • Ploshasta II (2 Pelts required)
  • Grass Flute II (3 Pelts required)

High Quality Pelt Armor and Equipment

  • Lagombi Helm S (1 Pelt required)
  • Slagtoth Hood S (2 Pelts required)
  • Droth Mail S (1 Pelt required)
  • Kadachi Greaves S (2 Pelts required)
  • Slagtoh Cloak S (2 Pelts required)
  • Hunter’s Greaves S (2 Pelts required)
  • Hunter’s Helm S (1 Pelt required)
  • Lagombi Coil S (2 Pelts required)
  • Volvidon Mail S (2 Pelts required)
  • Arzuros Helm S (2 Pelts required)
  • Izuchi Coil S (2 Pelts required)
  • Khezu Coil S (1 Pelt required)
  • Leather Headgear S (1 Pelt required)
  • Bone Vambraces S (2 Pelts required)

High Quality Pelt Farming Tips

The best way to farm High Quality Pelts in MH Rise is by visiting the Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands after starting any High Rank quest. Because when a High Rank quest is started, all the areas in the map will change to High Rank version as well, meaning that all the High Rank items and materials will spawn in these areas.

Go to these areas and kill Kelbi and Anteka to obtain the High Quality pelts which can then be used to craft items of your choice.

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