MGSV: The Phantom Pain Codenames and Emblems Guide

A guide for all Phantom Pain Codenames and Emblems

Your logo in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is your identity. It often shows other players during FOB operations how far you’re into the game and how good you are. The codenames and emblems in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain have some unlock requirements you must complete before using them as logos.

I have prepared this guide to help you acquire all Codenames and Emblems in the game.

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How to get Codenames and Emblems in MGSV: The Phantom Pain

I will go through the various parts of the logos you can acquire by completing specific objectives/requirements. Take a look at all MGSV Codenames:


Codenames are titles that you unlock at the end of missions. However, they are not necessarily tied to the mission you receive them in, as most of the codenames’ conditions are based on the previous three missions.

CodenameUnlock Requirement
Chick                Haven’t completed Mission 06
Chicken           Use the chicken hat at least once.
Foxhound       Complete the last three missions with the ‘Perfect Stealth, No Kills’ score bonus.
Fox                   Not getting detected.
Eagle               Killed 90% of the enemies with headshots.
Puma              Used grabbing method to neutralize most enemies.
Bear                Used CQC for most neutralizations.
Octopus         Used nonlethal weapons (ZZZ, STN, —) to neutralize most enemies.
Mantis            MGSV Doberman can be acquired using lethal assault rifles to neutralize most enemies.
Bee                  Used lethal handguns to neutralize most enemies.
Scorpion         Used lethal submachine guns to neutralize most enemies.
Piranha           Used lethal shotguns to neutralize most enemies.
Doberman     Used lethal machine guns (including turrets, AA cannons, and Gatling Gun) to neutralize most enemies.
Raven             Used lethal machine guns (including turrets, AA cannons, Gatling Gun) to neutralize most enemies.
Wolf                Used lethal Sniper Rifles to neutralize most enemies.
Shark              Used missiles to neutralize most enemies.
Orca                Used throwing weapons (hand grenades, grenade launchers, Petrol Bombs) to neutralize most enemies.
Spider             Used lethal placed explosives (mines, C4) to neutralize most enemies.
Hog                 Used D-Horse to neutralize most enemies by ramming into them wild riding.
Hound            Used D-Dog’s ‘Do it’ command to neutralize most enemies.
Butterfly         Used Quiet to neutralize most enemies.
Ostrich           Used D-Walker to neutralize most enemies.
Tortoise          Used vehicles (either built-in weapons or by ramming) to neutralize most enemies.
Hawk              Neutralized most enemies with the help of air support from helicopters.
Whale             Neutralized most enemies by bombarding through Fire Support.
Bat                  Used multiple methods to neutralize enemies with exact numbers (10 kills with multiple techniques).

Emblems (Back)

Emblems are personal insignias displayed on your character and parts of facilities, helicopters, and Buddies with you. For this reason, having a nice, personally customized Emblem is never too bad.

You can customize your Emblem at the Aerial Command Center (while riding your chopper between missions). The Emblem Comes in four parts: back pattern, front pattern, and two words/digits.

You can acquire MGSV Emblems by completing specific missions or unlocking other things. Many emblems are also present by default. We will only be listing the ones that need to be unlocked.

EmblemComplete all tasks in Mission #
Double Inverted Triangles          5
Fan                                                    6
Double Inversted Triangles          7
Rectangle (Vertical)                       8
Rectangle (Horizontal)                  10
Trapezoid                                        9
Parallelogram                                 13
Flag                                                    45
Arch                                                  14
Rhombus                                         15
Cross                                                12
X                                                        30
Hexagon                                          22
Dog Tag                                           02
Barrel 01                                           16
Barrel 02                                          17
Shield 0218
Shield 0320
Shield 0424
Shield 0525
Shield 0627
Shield 0738
Shield 0835
Shield 0943
Arrowhead 0125
Arrowhead 0232

The Phantom Pain Emblems (Front)

EmblemUnlock Requirement/Location
Spade (Decorative)                        S-Rank in Mission 23
Heart (Decorative)S-Rank in Mission 11
Club (Decorative)S-Rank in Mission 29
Diamond (Decorative)S-Rank in Mission 31
Star (Decorative)S-Rank in Mission 3
Moon (Decorative)S-Rank in Mission 32
Lightning 02S-Rank in Mission 4
Flames 1S-Rank in Prologue
Flames 2S-Rank in Mission 20
Musical NoteS-Rank in Mission 45
DiamondComplete Mission 43
GearS-Rank in Mission 12
BiohazardS-Rank in Mission 13
Radiological BiohazardS-Rank in Mission 16
Earth (Map)150,000+ Heroism
Earth (Wireframe)150,000+ Heroism
FlowerS Rank in Mission 6
GarlandComplete Mission 43
ChickS Rank in Mission 43
WaterfowlS Rank in Mission 26
Skull (Front)S Rank in Mission 6
Skull (Side)Complete Side-Op 82
Skull, Ring & WingsS-Rank in Mission 27
Skull, Horn & TailS-Rank in Mission 30
Heart, Ring & WingsS-Rank in Mission 17
WingsS-Rank in Mission 10
ArchangelS-Rank in Mission 25
ArmS-Rank in Mission 25
SwordS-Rank in Mission 7
AxeS-Rank in Mission 8
SpearS-Rank in Mission 14
HandgunS-Rank in Mission 21
Assault RifleCommand Platform after the second deck is complete
Gas MaskMother Base Quarantine Platform
Cardboard BoxMother Base Command Platform
ParachuteQuiet’s cell once Side Ops 111 is available
Fulton Recovery Device (Solider)Command Platform after second deck is complete
Fulton Recovery Device (Sheep)Animal Conservation Platform in Mother Base
Walker GearS-Rank in Mission 15
TankS-Rank in Mission 9
GunshipS-Rank in Mission 41
Fighter JetCommand Platform once the fourth deck is complete
BattleshipCommand Platform once fourth deck is complete
NukeComplete Mission 31

In addition to these, every kind of animal you save also unlocks the emblem and codenames in the shape of that animal in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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