Metroid Dread Golzuna Boss Guide

In the Ghavoran region of Metroid Dread, you will encounter an electric crab-like monster by the name of Golzuna. In this Metroid Dread Golzuna Boss guide, we will teach you how to defeat this crab and get the Cross Bomb ability.

Metroid Dread Golzuna Boss

In Metroid Dread, you will face some formidable opponents like Golzuna. If you haven’t worked out how to fight tough opponents like Golzuna in Metroid Dread, then you’ve come to the right place.

The fight against Golzuna has two phases where you basically have to kill three different crabs to emerge victorious.

As you enter the area where this fight takes place, you’ll face an average Muzby who can be taken down with normal laser fire with accuracy.

Fire missiles relentlessly towards its head from distance. Crawl beneath it before it turns around and rises with claws in the air and continue blasting its head.

Running to the distant corners of the room will give you more opportunities to shoot it before it catches up with you.

Just remember one thing, Golzuna will not be as quick as other bosses but his attacks make up for the lack of speed. Once you defeat this first weak form, the actual armored Golzuna appears.

The strategy in phase 2 of the Golzuna boss fight remains the same. Stay near the edges and draw Golzuna in, slide under him to evade and follow up with missile attacks.

Keep an eye out for the electric lasers that Golzuna fires randomly and make sure to dodge them or you will take a lot of damage.

Continue damaging Golzuna until he transforms into an orb which you can defeat easily to finish the boss fight.

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