Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss Guide

In this guide, we'll show you how to defeat the Metroid Dread Experiment Z-57 Boss by avoiding his attacks and through counterattacks

Experiment No. Z-57 in Metroid Dread is an enormous beast, a massive gigantic behemoth wrapped around a thermal power station in Cataris. In this Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss Guide, we’ll show you how to take down Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss.

Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss

You must defeat Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss since he is impeding your progress outside the thermal power station and must be dealt with before you can continue to restore heat to the world.

How to Defeat Experiment No. Z-57

Experiment No. Z-57 is, without a question, a lumbering behemoth, but with the right strategy, he will be brought down in no time.

Unlike the previous boss battles, this one is more about strategy than tanking and rushing. It all comes down to mobility, timing your attacks and keeping your health up a reasonable amount.

Here is how to quickly dispatch Experiment No. Z-57 in Metroid Dread. Simply follow these steps to victory.

How to Avoid Attacks

When the combat begins, Experiment Z-57 uses two predictable attacks that you can easily avoid if you apply the proper strategy.

To begin, he’ll use a pink laser to sweep all the way from left to right. Then he attacks you with his claws.

You will see both of these attacks coming, so all you have to do now is avoid them. For the laser, simply move to the other side and when you get to the end, jump and you’ll be fine.

He’ll attack with both claws, and the only way to avoid a hit is to stand in the center and jump. You’ll be hit if you’re not in the center.

Experiment Z-57 has another attack up its sleeves. It’s a patterned pink blast coming at you from the right.

To avoid this, the timing must be perfect. The rest is all about spin jumping. A strong wind blowing across the arena indicates that this attack is on its way.

How to Counter Attack

Now that you know how to avoid being hit, here’s how to launch a counter-attack that will bring down Experiment No. Z-57 for good. Experiment No. Z-57’s weak point is its head (face).

All you have to do is avoid its attacks and, when you see an opening, launch a counterattack on Experiment No. Z-57’s head. Afterward, repeat the procedure.

Experiment No. Z-57 will eventually fall to the ground, releasing another pink laser beam. When this happens, you must abandon your attack and rush to Experiment No. Z-57. To avoid being hit, stand below his face.

He’ll attack in the same manner as described above once he gets up. You must employ the same strategy, and when you knock him down for the third time, he won’t have the strength to get up.

When he is unable to get up and attack again, things come to an end. If you take advantage of this opportunity and drag him down into the lava, he’ll be gone for good. And the thermal power station’s doors will open, allowing you to proceed.

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