Metroid Dread Chozo Soldier Boss Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Defeat the Metroid Dread Chozo Soldier Boss and everything you need to know about its arsenal

Metroid Dread is packed with several boss fights, and tackling each of them at different stages can get overwhelming. Out of many bosses, Chozo Soldier is one of the trickiest to handle and hard to dodge. In this guide, we’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how to defeat the Metroid Dread Chozo Soldier Boss.

Metroid Dread Chozo Soldier Boss

You’ll be encountering Chozo Soldier once you’ve reached the fifth location in Metroid Dread called the Ferenia.  At the first phase of the fight, you’ll only encounter the Chozo Soldier.

Make sure to keep your health up during the entire fight; the slightest miscalculation can have undesirable results.

First Phase

From the appearance, Chozo Soldier is a sizeable metallic boss with very hard-to-cop mobility. The best way to fight this boss is to keep up with his mobility accordingly and unleash counter-attacks whenever you find the opportunity.

We recommend you to jump and dodge through all of his lunge attacks and slide to the side whenever you find an attack getting closer. Also, make sure you’re making use of your missiles to push him back and give him as much damage as you can.

For better dodging, use Flash Shift to dodge to the side. There’s no secret trick when it comes to the first phase of the Chozo Soldier fight.

Just make sure you’re acting fast and saving yourself from all the rapid attacks.

Second Phase

In the second phase, the fight will get more intense as you’ll be encountering the mutated version of Chozo Soldier. The mutated version is more aggressive and much more threatening with the range of its attacks.

Mutated Chozo Soldier will have a longer range for his attacks now, and somewhat more deadly addition to its arsenal.

Along with a more dangerous attack, it’ll also send out black waves of harmful energy that can drain your health really fast. To add more to the misery, it’ll also be emitting black matter towards Samus.

The best way to deal with this tough guy is to act fast and keep your dodging game strong.

So keep shooting your missiles and use Flash Shift to dodge the incoming attacks. Chozo Soldiers will also make charged attacks that have a white glow.

Wait for these attacks and once they’re about to be released, parry it to sway the soldier away and stun him. By doing so, you’ll buy yourself some time to attack them even more and recharge your health if you need to.

To avoid the black matter spew, observe whenever they open their mouth. As soon as they open it, slide to the side to prevent the matter from getting on you.

Keep dodging and sliding all the attacks and counterattack with missiles whenever you can. There’s no trick other than just coping up with their speed and keeping your guard up.

You’ll be encountering several of these as you make your way forward into the adventures of Ferenia. They are a little hard to tackle, but with all the tricks mentioned above, you’ll get rid of them pretty quickly.

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