Mass Effect Andromeda Minerals Mining Guide – How To Collect Resources With The Nomad

Mass Effect Andromeda Minerals Mining guide to help you with tips to best use Nomad to collect minerals resources and farm minerals at different locations.

While players can manually mine minerals from outcrops on planets in Mass Effect Andromeda, the Nomad rover can also be used to mine minerals deep in the ground in a bigger quantity.

Mass Effect Andromeda Minerals mining guide will help players use their Nomad to find and mine the planets for minerals not easily available elsewhere to be used for crafting purposes.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Minerals Mining

Since mineral requirements for high level crafting items is pretty high, it is not feasible to gather the minerals manually especially given the harsh environmental conditions of the planets. That is where the Nomad comes in as players can drive around in it safely and then deploy drones which will mine the area for minerals.

To gather minerals, players first need to drive the Nomad to areas which have the potential of these mineral resources. These areas are marked on the map with a crystal icon. Once players are in the vicinity of the icon, they can open the Mining computer on their Nomad by pressing the appropriate button, while driving around.

The Mining computer has bars for all the possible minerals that can be mined as well as their amount in the current area. The higher the value on the graph, the more a specific mineral will be mined after deploying the drone. Before players use their drone, they should first drive around a bit to look for an area that is rich in resources and then deploy the mining drone once the graph lights up.

While there is no limit to how many drones can be deployed from the Nomad, once an area has been covered by a drone, another new one can’t be used in the same area. This is why players need to find a mineral rich area first before using the drone in order to get the maximum possible output. After a drone has been deployed, it will automatically mine the resources from the area and send them to player’s inventory.

An orange line marks the area of effect of a drone and in order to deploy another drone, players need to drive the Nomad outside the line and then deploy one for more resources.

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