Mass Effect Andromeda Level Up Fast Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Level Up Fast Guide to help you power level in the game with quick leveling tips and also teach you about leveling squadmates easily.

Our Mass Effect Andromeda Level Up Fast Guide to help you power level in the game with our quick leveling tips and also teach you about leveling squadmates easily.

Leveling in Mass Effect Andromeda is done by earning Experience Points or EXP. There are a multitude ways using which you can earn Experience Points i.e. completing quests, story objectives, killing enemies, etc.

Whenever you gain a level, the game will immediately notify you and reward you with skill points. After accumulating skill points, open up your Skills Menu and use these points to learn new powers. The same goes for your squadmates as well.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Level Up Fast

In addition to your character, your squadmates also level up and earn skill points. As mentioned earlier, you can use these skill points to unlock and equip new powers for your squadmates.

Unlocking New Powers

As mentioned earlier, you earn skill points for leveling up your character. After earning a skill point, open up the Skills Menu and unlock new powers from one of three skill trees i.e. Combat, Biotics, and Tech.

Each of these skill trees offers a multitude of powers to choose from. Moreover, a single power has upgrades which provide increased power and faster recharge timers. You should also note that unlocking some powers require unlocking of its pre-requisites.

Keeping this in mind, you should always aim to earn as many skill points as possible. If you don’t know in which skill trees you should invest, you can check out our Mass Effect Andromeda Character Builds Guide for more information.

Lastly, the game also allows you to re-spec all your skill points if you mess things up a little or simply want to try out a new build.

Leveling Up Squadmates

Leveling squadmates up in Mass Effect is as simple as it can get. As your character levels up, your squadmates will do so as well. In addition to leveling up, your squadmates will also earn skill points to earn new powers.

In order to assign a particular power to a squadmate, open up the Skills Menu and see the ones underneath the top-three options to assign powers to your squadmates. When it comes to choosing powers, choose the ones that will help you in combat.

How to Level Up Fast

Increased XP Gains from Equipment
During the course of the game, you’ll come across multiple pieces of equipment that will increase your XP gains. Keeping this in view, you should try to look for every piece of equipment you can find.

When equipped with these XP-boosting pieces of equipment, you should be able to rack up increased amount of XP from different activities and killing enemies. For instance, the Andromeda Initiative Armor provides players with 2% boost in XP gains.

Personal and Planetary Scanning
In Mass Effect Andromeda, there is personal scanning and planetary scanning. Scanning not only allows you to stock up on RD points, crafting materials, etc. but also allow you to earn XP for each successful scan. You can check out our Scanning Guide for more information!

Completing Missions
In addition to priority ops, the game offers plenty of side missions, tasks, etc. that can provide you with an incredible amount of XP. In addition to this, you should also try to engage as many enemies as possible. If you combine them with our previous tips, you should be able to rack up a pretty good amount of XP in no time.

For every fight with the Kett, you will be rewarded. So, get into as many fights as you can with as many enemies that you can find and finish them off efficiently as gaining all that XP is going to Level Up your character.

Booster Pack
Booster Packs are available in the game’s store that you can buy off with either real money or the in-game currency, although it will take a lot of time before you are able to afford the Booster Packs with the in-game money. Use it to flex on your gaming style and Level Up in the game

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