Mass Effect Andromeda Liam Kosta Loyalty Missions Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Liam Kosta Loyalty Missions Guide will help you with all the missions required to earn Liam’s loyalty and further progress your relationship with him.

Loyalty missions in Mass Effect Andromeda are an improtant yet optional. These missions will give a deep look in the personalities of your squadmates and their background.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Liam Kosta Loyalty Missions

To progress your relationship with your squadmates in Mass Effect Andromeda you will have to complete the loyalty missions. Below are all the loyalty missions in Andromeda for Liam Kosta.

Armor Diplomacy
To unlock this loyalty mission in Mass Effect Andromeda you must have traveled to Aya, have completed all the dialogues with Liam till that point and must have left and returned to Tempest at least once.

Once the prerequisites have been taken care of, talk to Liam on Tempest and he will ask you to help him with a project he and Jaal are working on. He will hand a blueprint to develop a set of armor.

Liam wants an armor project to be approved and considers it a diplomatic effort with Jaal. Complete the research project, access the Development interface at the research center under the Special category.

The project will cost you 10 Aluminum and 10 Iron, and you will not have any issues if you have a habit of picking things while exploring the planets. you can also purchase these from a merchant.

Once done, go down to the cargo bay and enter the back-right door where Liam hangs out. As you enter an interesting scene will play out and both Liam and Jaal will be naked and will be working on their new armor project together.

All In
To unlock this loyalty mission for Liam in Mass Effect Andromeda you will have to have completed the “Armor Diplomacy” mission.

You will receive an e-mail from Liam titled “Didn’t Want to Send This”, read it and the mission will begin. Go and talk to Liam, he will need your help to track Verand as she ahs gone missing.

Open the Galaxy map on the bridge and select the Sephesa system. Travel to “Liam’s Scavenger Debris Field”, examine the debris and disembark from the Nexus.

Liam will be your companion in this mission along with one other whom you may choose according to the best complementary skillset relative to you and Liam. You will start from the southeast corner of the cargo bay and will be met with scavengers, so take them out. Now head to the comms console by the door to discover who’s in charge here.

After the conversation, the cargo bay door will open and more scavengers will arrive. Fight them to get to the door and get out of the cargo bay. The door ahead will be sealed and you will have to override it from the console to the right of the door.

A cutscene will play during which August Bradley comes to your rescure. When the control returns, the gravity will be altered. Jump through the platforms to get to the mission pointer. Open the door and blow away the turian Raiders in the next hallway while watching out for elite saboteurs.

Continue through the crooked hallway and reach the high doors. At the end of the hallway with the window on the floor start climbing upward. When you get to the lower floor look for the navpoint.

Follow the mission marker and head through the hallway and smash through another slatted access cover to reach the next big clearing. More enemies will appear and a battle begins. Defeat them and try and open the door on the other end of the room which, you will find out, won’t happen unless you have access to the control hub.

Bradley will try and open the door. Jump into the high closet-sized room on the side of the chamber. Scan the lab security control hub and then wait for Chief Grace Lito to help you with navpoints over comms.

Activate the console that you will find near the exit and another one that you will find back in the first room you entered, in the corner near a light.

Exit the room and the gravity will shift again. Continue through the doorway and you will come back to the cargo bay. Scan the items in this room and head for the high room at the top level – cargo crane where, after scanning it, you will find that you can use crane to create an exit from cargo bay. Now, reach the cargo crane console, which is a difficult task as you must climb and reach the opening in the wall, and use it to reach the exit.

Defeat the enemies that will pop up and head through the door and the crooked hallway. Jump up to the high door and you will enter another hallway that will lead to another high door.

You will find yourself in a big area where more enemies are waiting for you. Defeat them and go through the next door. Follow the mission marker and enter the next chamber and defeat two Talon Hydras. Make sure you have the right ammo,skills and powers in your arsenal to destroy your foes. After the fights, find a communicator to speak with the prisoners, Cameron Dace and Verand. Activate the console nearby to release the them.

Finish your conversation with Cameron Dace and tell her you’ll all get out together. Keep following the mission marker and exit through the connecting hallway higher on your left. Follow the U-shaped room around and activate the bulkhead door console and override it.

Go up the stairwell and enter the large room on the left and push through the next room. Defeat the enemies there and continue through the next two doors.

Here you will face off against Calot and about five of his buddies. Calot will be behind an impenetrable shield. Activate the console on the floor to create a hacking process that aims to lower the shield from around Calot. The first hack will only be partially completed, mostly because of the appearance of the monstrous captive, Eiroch. Don’t let him get too close to you, rather knock him down as soon as you can. Shotguns, grenades and mines may come in handy for this task as Eiroch won’t be much farther from you.

More enemies will appear, defeat them and activate the second console to start the hack. The console is located on the side of the room on the top level. The enemies are likely to attack from two different directions to interrupt the hacking process so make sure you have your squadmates planted in both of those directions. Once the hack is complete go to Calot defeat his buddies and then him.

Activate the airlock controls and then talk to August Bradley, Kallo, and Verand, you can either send them home or let them stay to update the specs. Liam will thank you and you have earned his loyalty.

Day Out on Aya
To unlock this loyalty mission for Lian in Mass Effect Andromeda must have completed the mission 3 and must have completed the vault on Aya.

To start this mission, find Liam in the crew’s quarters and talk to him. If all other conversations are done Liam will ask Ryder to take a break from all the madness and take a day out on Aya.

You will find Drack and Liam in the bar on Aya, talk to Liam and he will ask you to go and hit those scans. When you ask what scans he will tell you.

Run over to the market and scan the northernmost vendor’s booth (3). The vendor’s name is Xaan Ingil. Return to Liam after the scan has been acquired.

Now talk to Liam at Tavetaan, he will apologize for screwing up the date if you press him he will inform you that you were being cased. You go soft on him or come down hard the choice is yours. The conversation will get a bit intimate and you can choose an affectionate response if you want to romance him.

To unlock this loyalty mission in Mass Effect Andromeda you must have completed the “All In” mission. Go and talk to Liam on Nexus and complete all conversation options and he asks you to take a break on Eos in Prodromos. He sends you the navpoint.

Go to the mission marker and you will find what he has planned, a soccer game and that is the end of the mission.

Outpost Worlds
For this loyalty mission you must have settled EOS and this mission will be available on Havarl. More planets are required to be evaluated for outposts.

Each of the following objectives is met when you place an outpost on the respective planet.

  • Evaluate Havarl for outpost; after completing “Helping Havarl’s Scientists” and “A Dying Planet” missions
  • Evaluate Voeld for outpost; after completing “Settling Voeld” and “Remove the Heart” missions
  • Evaluate Kadara for outpost; after completing “High Noon” mission
  • Evaluate Elaaden for outpost; Give Morda the drive core during “Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core” mission

Something for Us
For this loyalty mission, Community mission must be completed first. Talk to Lian and he will ask you to rubber-stamp a jump-jet mod. Travel with him to a special spot on EOS. Access the Development interface at the research station, find the Special category, and develop the Lover’s-Leap mod.

Travel to EOS and keep Liam in your squad. Follow the mission marker to the top of the rock arch near Prodromos and take the Lover’s-Leap with Liam.

That is all for our Mass Effect Andromeda Liam Kosta Loyalty Missions Guide with tips on how to earn Liam’s loyalty.

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