Mass Effect 3 Galaxy Map Scanning Guide

Find all the resources you will need to wage the War against the reapers in Mass Effect 3 after scanning the galaxy map for upgrades

During the course of the Mass Effect 3 story, you will discover resource-rich clusters in several new planets in different systems by using the Mass Effect 3 Galaxy Map Scanning feature.

You can scan these resources using your Galaxy map and retrieve War Assets, Shadow Broker Intel, Artifacts and different upgrades for your Crew and Ship.

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Mass Effect 3 Galaxy Map Scanning

Scan the listed clusters in the respective Planets of the listed Systems at the specified time during the story-line for the following resources:

Reward (Type)
Cluster, System, Planet

Scan for following resources after visiting Mars.

Javlin Missile Launchers (50 War Asset)
Sigurd’s Cradle, Skepsis, Watson

Credits (Salvage)
Sigurd’s Cradle, Decoris, Laena

Banner of the 1st Regiment (Artifact)
Apien Crest, Castellus, Digeris

Turian 79th Flotilla (40 War Asset)
Apien Crest, Gemmae, Pheiros

Prothean Data Files (75 War Asset)
Exodus Cluster, Utopia, Zion

Alliance Naval Exploration Flotilla (75 War Asset)
Exodus Cluster, Asgard, Tyr

Remains of Reaper Destroyer (Intel)
Exodus Cluster, Asgard, Borr

Alliance Cruiser Shanghai (40 War Asset)
Exodus Cluster, Asgard, Terra Nova

Alliance Spec Ops Team Delta (35 War Asset)
Exodus Cluster, Asgard, Loki

Weapon Upgrade Kit (Intel)
Kite’s Nest, Harsa, Verush

Pillars of Strength (Artifact)
Kite’s Nest, Harsa, Khar’Shan

Credits (Salvage)
Kite’s Nest, Untrel, Adek

Credits (Salvage)
Hades Gamma, Antaeus, Trebin

Special Ops Team Zeta (103rd Marine Division Upgrade)
Hades Gamma, Plutus, Nonuel

Credits (Salvage)
Hades Gamma, Dis, Klensal

Alliance Frigate Agincourt (Alliance First Fleet Upgrade)
Hades Gamma, Farinata, Juntauma

Credits (Salvage)
Hades Gamma, Cacus, Chohe

Scan for these resources after visiting Palaven.

Advanced Biotic Implants (Intel)
Ismar Frontier, Aquila, Metaponto

Credits (Salvage)
Minos Wasteland, Fortis, Pietas

Credits (Salvage)
Shrike Abyssal, Xe Cha, Zada Ban

Prothean Obelisk (Artifact)
Shrike Abyssal, Urla Rast, Talis Fia

Scan for these resources after visiting Sur’Kesh.

Credits (Salvage)
Gemini Sigma, Han, Mavigon

Alliance Cruiser Nirobi (Alliance Third Fleet Upgrade)
Gemini Sigma, Ming, Parag

Shadow Broker Wet Squad (25 War Asset)
Krogan DMZ, Dranek, Rothla

Black Market Artifacts (Artifact)
Kite’s Nest, Vular, Vana

Intel from the Battle of Arcturus (Intel)
Arcturus Stream, Arcturus, Arcturus Station

Scan for these resources after visiting Tuchanka.

Book of Plenix (Artifact)
Aethon Cluster, Aru, Irune

Volus Fabrication Units (45 War Asset)
Aethon Cluster, Aru, Cherk Sab

Volus Intelligence Archives (Intel)
Aethon Cluster, Nura, Oma Kar

Volus Dreadnought Kwunu (50 War Asset)
Aethon Cluster, Esori, Solu Paolis

Volus Engineering Team (50 War Asset)
Aethon Cluster, Satu Arrd, Nalisin

Interferometric Array (45 War Asset)
Attican Beta, Hercules, Eletania

ExoGeni Scientists (50 War Asset)
Attican Beta, Theseus, Feros

Found more resources ? comment following the same format and we will update this list.

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