Mass Effect 3 Citadel Missions Guide

Finish all Citadel Missions and Find all Artifacts and Spectre Items to deliver to the needy in Mass Effect 3 with this guide

Citadel in Mass Effect 3 acts as a town hub where you can receive different side quests for some extra goodies like cash, reputation and war assets, etc. We have compiled a full guide to all Mass Effect 3 Citadel missions.

Since ME3 also aims to tie up the loose ends from the previous games; some of these side quests are related to Mass Effect 1 and 2.

If you are looking for something extra and plan to take on these missions, our walk through below will help your cause.

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Mass Effect 3 Citadel Missions Walkthrough

You can find Aria in the Purgatory. She will ask you to unite the three; Blood Pack, Blood Suns and Eclipse. Depending upon your decisions with Zaeed in Mass Effect 2, there can be slight variation in this side quest. Head to the Embassies first through the apartment area for Eclipse.

Meet Bailey but forcing him won’t do any good. You need to head to C-SEC office in the Commons and deal with the subject yourself. She can be agreed to join your cause for Renegade points so make sure that you do that (This way you can take over the Eclipse).

For the Blue sons, you need to move to the holding area at Cargo Hold A. The person you meet, there will ask you to take care of Oraka in the commons.

Talk to the general and decide what you want to do next. Either choose the Renegade path or select Paragon and find a new weapons source. Kannik in the market will agree to render you with the weapons, but you will have to give him an artifact in return.

Head to planet Vana, in Vular system and then Kite’s Nest Cluster to find the artifact. This will convince Oraka to leave the blue sons alone. When you have all three groups, the mercenaries group will help you in your cause during war effort.

Hunar Diplomat
After you get the email, head to the embassy and talk to Jondum Bau. Head over to the Spectre Terminal and enable the Hanar Embassy Tracking.

The first of the three evidence can be found in the terminal (Embassy Offices). The other two can be found in the Holding area (at security check point and one at Bay E28.

Go back to the Embassy to meet Bau again. When you confront Hanar, you should choose here whether you want to save Bau or let him die. The latter option will earn you Hanar and Drell Forces.

Liara’s Father
Go to Commons and find the bartender Aethyta. You can now either select the renegade path or send her away.

You can also choose to talk to Liara (she is sitting on the table beside) directly and ask her to convince her father. The second option will earn you increment in your war Asset Asari Fifth Fleet.

Spectre and Artifact Delivery Missions

People on the Citadel and Normandy are looking for various items. Just by walking by someone you may overhear a request to pick up an item.

These fetch quests can be completed for rewards by scanning planets, searching area during missions, or sometimes buying them from your Spectre terminal.

Alien Medi-Gel Formula Mission
After you are done with the Pavalen main mission, head to Huerta on the top floor and when you leave the elevator, listen to the conversation the doctor is having about the Medi-Gel.

To complete this mission, you need to head to the hospital in the Citadel and meet Dr. Raven, whom you should hand over the formula. You will get Hanar & Drell Forces war assets as a reward for this mission.

Asari Widow Mission
The Asari Widow mission is obtained by looking into a datapad found next to an Asari Corpse whilst going through the Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery mission.

Once you have the datapad with you go to Weshra located on the stairs in between the Meridian Place Market and the Apollo’s Café in the Presidium Commons.

Barla Von Mission
In order to acquire Barla Von, find Liara located in the Presidium Commons. After this, you will be sent to Barla Von found in the bank. You will now have received the quest.

Now your destination is the Krogan DMZ, from where you will be heading to the Dranek System. You might need to have completed the Priority Sur’Kesh first before you are able to see it on the galaxy map.

You will be able to acquire the Shadow Broker Wet Squad by scanning Rothla. Now head back to Barla Von to finalize the quest.

Batarian Codes Mission
After completing Priority: Citadel 2, you can find Jordan Noles in Presidium Commons, who will ask for your help.

He will ask you to do something about the illegal use of batarian diplomatic codes. Head to the Spectre terminal first and then find the access points in the citadel.

Biotic Amp Interfaces
After you have completed the main mission Palaven, head to the top floor in Citadel (Huerta Memorial). Move to the Inpatient wing and then hear the Asari’s conversation.

One thing you should keep in mind that the mission will fail after Priority: Citadel 2. So make sure that you complete it before the Priority.

The mission is fairly simple. Head back to the Citadel’s Huerta Hospital floor and talk to the Asari scientist among the patients. You will get Citadel Defence Force war assets as a reward.

Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics
While you are completing Tuchanka: Bomb quest, grab the Turret Schematics to start the mission. A C-Sec officer will ask your help in tracking down the Cerberus turrets in Citadel.

You need to bring him the Cerberus automated turret Schematics in the Presidium Commons to get the job done. The mission, however, cannot be completed until you complete the main Priority: Citadel 2 tasks.

Citadel Defense Force war assets will be the reward you will get after finishing this task.

Cerberus Ciphers Mission
Go to Citadel Embassies where you will find Delk. He will inform you regarding Cerberus Ciphers.

Delk requires you to bring him various Cipher Codes so he can break the Cerberus codes. These codes can be found whilst doing the quest N7: Communication Hub. During the quest, you will find a terminal that specifically says Cerberus Codes. Should you happen to miss this little detail in the mission, you can also alternatively obtain said codes for 1,000 credits from the Spectre Terminal. Talk to Delk to complete the mission once you have obtained the codes.

Cerberus Turian Poison Mission
In order to start this quest you are going to want to make your way to the Huerta Memorial Hospital. You will notice after the events of Priority: Citadel 2, people are restless. During this, you will happen to eavesdrop on a doctor who is unable to deal with the turian poison.

There are two ways you can complete this mission. During the mission Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists, you will find the Turian Toxin Data lying under a microscope in the lab; but if you have missed it and the ship has sailed; then simply go ahead and buy it from the Spectre Terminal.

Chemical Treatment Mission
The Huerta Memorial Hospital is under a perplexing situation once again as they ponder over how to deal with a patient with severe chemical burns.

Your job is to get the doctors a working treatment plan; which very conveniently can be found in the starting area during the quest N7: Fuel reactors. You will find it on a crate next to the ladders. Well, if you’re telling me you missed the item, then you know what to do. Get to the Spectre Terminal and buy it for 1,000 credits.

GX12 Thermal Pipe Mission
Specialist Traynor will contact you and inform you that Adams would like to speak to you once you board the Normandy. Head to Adams once you have received the message from Traynor in order to receive the quest.

Adams needs a GX12 Thermal Pipe for safety measures. These pipes can be bought from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies at Presidium Commons. It is known as E-Gel Thermal Conduit. Buy these life-saving pipes for 1,000 credits and deliver them to Adams. The quest won’t complete immediately, so just return after a while to finish the quest.

Hanar Diplomat Mission
Jondum Bau; a Salarian can be found outside Commander Bailey’s Office once you complete Priority: Palaven. Talk to the Salarian to get the mission.

Jondum suspects that a member of the Hanar Diplomatic Staff is indoctrinated. You must investigate this matter at once.

Note that you will not be able to do this mission after completing Priority: Tuchanka.

Get to the Citadel Embassies floor and access the good old trusty Spectre terminal. From here you are going to enable the Hanar Embassy tracking.

Access another terminal found by the seating area near the Office Suite.  Another terminal needs to be accessed found outside the elevator to the Docks: Holding Area, it can be found at the very end of the walkway.

Go to the elevator where you first accessed the Second Terminal. You will now be directed to go to meet Jondam Bau near the Office Suite.

Speaking to Bau will initiate a cutscene, after which you will find out Hanar Zymandas actually uploaded a virus to shut down the Hanar planetary defense systems.

At this point, you will be given a prompt, if you select it, you will knock the human out and Bau will shoot the Hanar.

Choosing to ignore the prompt makes Shepard race to the terminal and counter the upload. Jondam Bau will either live, or die

Heating Unit Stabilizers
You will find a Salarian in Presidium Commons of the Citadel through which you can start this mission. He will ask you to get heating unit stabilizers for him, which is not a difficult task if you know where to go.

Head to Spectre office on the second floor and then you can buy the Stabilizer from Spectre Requisitions section. After handing over the Stabilizer, you will get Salarian third fleet as a reward.

Improved Power Grid
You can get this mission from the women in Purgatory talking to herself. The upper floor will be available only when you return to the Citadel for the second time after completing Priority: Pavalan.

Your task is to find the schematics for the technician for the power grid. You can either purchase them via credits from the stores, or you can find Old Grid Schematics during the N7: Cerberus Attacks mission on Tuchanka.

You will get 1000 credits and Alliance Fifth Fleet as a reward after you are done with this task.

Inspirational Stories Mission
After you are done with Priority: Citadel 2 tasks, head to the refugee camp and find a Salarain named Solik.

He will ask you to capture a footage that can be made useful in War effort. Find it on the Citadel and head back to the refugee camp to complete the mission.

Kaklisaur Fossil Mission
Talk to Salarian busy talking on his comms, next to the apartments. He should appear after you complete Priority: Citadel 2. The scientists needs a Kakliosaur speciem so that he can help Krogans fight on toxic worlds.

Head to Argos Rho cluster and then to the Phoenix System, here you will be scanning a planet known as Intai’sei in order to acquire the Kakliosaur Fossil. Give this to the scientist in order to complete the reward.

Krogan Dying Message Mission
When you are on Attican Traverse: Krogan Team mission, you will find a dead body of a Krogan holding a love letter.

Ereba is her love and she (an asari merchant) can be found in the Meridian Place in the Presidium Commons of the Citadel.

Medical Supplies Mission
Normandy’s doctors needs basic necessities for the patients. Speak to the doctor on Normandy in order to get this mission.

You will have to negotiate with Tactus who is wearing purple armor in the refugee camp. In order to broker a trade, you will need the specific required amount of Paragon or Renegade points. Once done, talk to your selected doctor and gain your reward.

Medi-Gel Sabotage
Head to the refugee camp to learn that there is a refugee camp doctor worried about the Medi-gel dispensers being sabotaged.

For this quest, you will be repairing a total of three dispensers. Examine all three of these and return to the doctor to finish the quest.

Reaper Code Fragments
After Priority: Citadel 2, head to Citadel Embassies to start the mission. The asari war strategist wants you to find the Reaper code fragment and hand it over to her. The code can help in predicting enemy movements.

Target Jamming Technology
If you trespass in Presidium Commons, you will over-hear a C-Sec Officer talking about the Jamming technology. So fetch him the technology, he wants to save lives and get your reward.

Volus Ambassador Mission
You will receive an E-Mail from Primarch Victus detailing you regarding Din Korlack who may or may not be a Cerberus informant. The E-Mail is received after completing Priority: Citadel 2.

Go to the Embassy level and talk to the officer guarding the office left of the elevator. Once you gain access to the office, grab the ambassador’s log and listen to the three entries.

Now get the listening device in the corner. The ambassador should contact you at this point and tell you where he is being held hostage.

You will find that the ambassador is being held hostage in the apartment area on the right after going up the staircase.

You will find two doors, select one of them, which will turn out to be the wrong door, then go ahead and select the second door. You will now run into the ambassador, everything will be explained and the quest will be completed.

Wounded Batarian
The quest can be simply obtained by hearing intently in the Presidium Commons after completing Priorirty: Citadel 2. Through eavesdropping you will learn that a wounded batarian may actually be a terrorist.

Go to the refugee camp on the second floor of the Citadel in order to locate the batarian. After talking to him you will have two choices, end his suffering, or let the suffering continue.

Artifacts and Spectre Item Locations

NPC (NPC Location) – Item (Item Location)

Preacher (Docking: Holding Area\Cargo Hold: C) – Pillars of Strength (Kite’s Nest\Harsa\Khar’Shan)

Diplomat (Citadel Embassies\Embassy Offices) – Prothean Obelisk (Shrike Abyssal\Urla Rast\Talis Fia)

Dr. Ravin (Hospital\Patient Lounge) – Alien Medi-Gel Formula (Sigurd’s Cradle\Decoris\Sanctum)

Officer (Purgatory\Lower Bar) – Banner of the First Regiment (Apien Crest\Castellus\Digeris)

Doctor (Hosptial\Examination Rooms) – Advanced Biotic Implants (Ismar Frontier\Aquila\Metaponto)

Asari Scientist (Hospital\Lab Services) – Biotic Amp Interfaces (Petra Nebula\Vetus\Grissom Acedemy)

Kannik (Commons\Market) – Black Market Artifacts (Kite’s Nest\Vular\Vana)

Dominic (Citadel Embassies\Embassy Offices) – Information on Bilal Osoba (Spectre Requisitions)

Alison (Purgatory\VIP Entrance) – Improved Power Grid (Krogan DMZ\Aralakh\Tuchanka)

Sellea (Commons\Courtyard) – Heating Stabilizers (Spectre Requisitions)

Angry Accountant (Commons\Bank) – Book of Plenix (Aethon Cluster\Aru\Irune)

C-SEC Officer (Commons\Courtyard) – Automated Turret Schematic (Krogan DMZ\Aralakh\Tuchanka)

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