Many Nintendo NX Dev Kits Are Out Suggesting Late 2016 Release

Many Nintendo NX dev kits are out with third party developers and Nintendo is sending out more, insider reveals late 2016 release date.

We have heard rumors before that Nintendo NX dev kits are being sent out to game developers, and we have also been told that a graphically demanding PS4 game is being ported to the console as we speak.

Now, we are picking up some inside information from one of the developers (still unknown) who are gearing up to develop games for the console.

According to the insider, a number of Nintendo NX development kits are out in the market already. If this is true, it means Nintendo is working quicker than we thought they were. Not only that, they are giving out new development kits to more developers as well – the insider we are talking about is expecting to get his any day now.

That being said, the insider suggests that based on the speed at which the development kits are being sent out, a late 2016 release date of the console would really make sense. This speculation has been corroborated by IHS Technologies recently as well.

Also, it looks like Nintendo is finally opening up to third party developers (and so are they) since the insider reveals that many of the dev kits are in the hands of third party developers – the rest being with second party developers.

Interestingly, industry analyst Michael Patcher disagreed with a greater degree of involvement from third party developers saying that based on the current strategy and expectations from Nintendo0 NX, the company will not go third party.


So tell us, if everything we know is true about the console’s features, will it make you jump ship and swim to Nintendo?

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