Rumor: “Graphically Demanding” PS4 Game to be Ported to NX

According to a report, Nintendo NX may get a PlayStation 4 title ported to it. We don’t know which title it would be but apparently it is “graphically demanding” and NX can handle it.

The report also mentions that key third party devs already have NX development kits and are working on games. Devs receive development kits a long time before the console itself is revealed. Otherwise, their games may not be ready in time if they are working on a launch title.

It is to be noted that the developer wanting to bring its “graphically demanding” PS4 game to NX hasn’t received a dev kit yet, nor he has any details on its specs.

Apparently, Nintendo has informed this dev of a date on which he can order a kit for the studio.

Interestingly, this dev also mentioned that NX may release sometime in late 2016. This is a common assumption based on plenty of rumors and leaked information. But Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything at this point.

We don’t know who this developer is but it is clear that it is a third party studio. The PS4 game is question could be Hellblade, or any other unannounced project.

Interesting information but it goes without saying that you should take this with a grain of salt.

Source: GoNintendo

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