NX Has Remote Play Like Feature and Runs Games at 60FPS, Dev Kits Being Sent-Out

Nintendo NX is going to feature a remote play like feature and games are expected to run at 60FPS on 900p. More details shared about the platform.

Nintendo is currently busy cooking-up NX, its new gaming platform. Not too long ago, Nintendo confirmed that NX is a console and recently a survey from Gamestop indicated that it will release in the next 12 months.

What’s really interesting is that NX is not only a console, but a handheld as well. Both console and handheld combined make Nintendo’s NX gaming platform. The handheld part has been kept under wraps but some leaked patents reveal that the console controller will act as a handheld device, a successor to 3DS.

According to a new report, NX handheld is coming out this year. Moreover, Nintendo has started seeding dev kits. This means that 3DS is being replaced in the next few months.

NX handheld is going to function similar to PlayStation Vita. The difference is that it will also be used as a controller for the console with an integrated display. Players will be able to transfer their gaming sessions from console to handheld, and play on the go.

For now it is unclear if we are talking about remote play, or something else entirely. It is very much possible that this feature will be limited to games that are available on both devices.

Handheld’s display size is expected to be 3.1 to 5 inches, according to IHS Technology’ analyst Hiroshi Hayase. The only problem here, if you look at the patents, is that your thumbs may cover parts of the screen. We’ll see what the final design would turn out to be.

As for the console, it will be using industry leading chips, meaning it could be on par with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Early reports say that it is capable of running games at 60fps on 900p.

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