Major Windows 10 Update To Launch Next Week, New Interface And Game Related Changes

A major Windows 10 Update is scheduled to roll out coming Monday, April 30th. According to Microsoft, this will be the first of the two major updates, that are scheduled to roll out this year.

This Windows 10 Update will be bringing new interface features and some upgrades specific to gaming. Since we all are aware that Windows 10 has been having issues related to gaming.

These new upgrades will certainly help eradicate those issues. Although these upcoming gaming updates are a bit smaller than the ones we have seen in the past.

Still, the preview builds for this update have showcased a revamped Game bar alongside quick toggles for microphones, cameras as well as easy access to media captures, plus an easily visible clock.

Furthermore, with this upcoming Windows 10 Update, users will also be able to toggle between light and dark themes. Which is a really handy option they will be adding. Since everyone has different preferences regarding appearances.

Some prefer lighter themes, which the Windows 10 already provides but a darker theme would also be enjoyed by the users.

These were the updates related to the interface, now the most interesting changes this Windows 10 Update will bringing will be focusing on VR and mixed reality.

Which also includes improved compatibility with SteamVR. Haptic feedback has also been added to motion controllers for SteamVR games, and you will certainly not be disappointed with the performance, as the VRAM usage has also been optimized.

That being said, we will know more on the changes and new features, once this Windows 10 Update rolls out.

Talking about Windows, not sure if you have heard or not, recently Microsoft announced that they will be replacing Windows 10 S with an “S Mode” for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise version. According to Micrsoft, we can expect this S Mode sometime on 2019.