Mafia DE Super Science Magazine Locations Guide

In this Mafia DE Super Science Magazine Locations Guide, we’ll give you the locations of all 20 collectible Super Science...

In this Mafia DE Super Science Magazine Locations Guide, we’ll give you the locations of all 20 collectible Super Science Magazines in Mafia Definitive Edition.

Mafia DE Super Science Magazine Locations

There are 20 collectible Super Science Magazines in Mafia Definitive Edition. Once you’ve collected all of them, you’ll be rewarded with Lending Library Trophy.

7 of these collectibles can be collected in the story mode. For the rest, you’ll have to look for them in the Free Ride mode.

Free Ride mode is unlocked after you’ve played the first story chapter.

Once you’ve collected a Magazine, it’ll be saved instantly.

It doesn’t matter if you live or die; the Magazine will be added to your collection.

Also, keep looking for colored icons on the map, they’ll point you towards the nearby collectibles.

Super Science #16 – The Brain Beast

Chapter 7: Better Get Used to it
Objective: Clear the Yard

It is located in the Northwest of Chinatown on a Sofa.

Super Science #1 – Day of the Comet

Chapter 8: The Saint and Sinner
Objective: Meet Sam at Car

Head inside the garage at Salieri’s Bar. The Magazine is located on a workbench to the left.

Super Science #7 – Aerita of the Light Country

Chapter 10: Omerta
Objective: Find Where Frank is Being Taken

Make your way into the Airport Lobby (LH International Airport) and take a right. The Magazine will be on a table on the right.

Super Science #10 – Prisoner of Time

Chapter 11: Visiting Rich People
Objective: Take out the Guards

It is found outside a mansion in Beech Hill. The Magazine is located on the chairs by the pool.

Super Science #20 – Half Past Eternity

Chapter 13: Bon Appetite
Objective: Circle around and Ambush the Attackers

You’ll find it lying on a table by the window, in the kitchen of Pepe’s Restaurant.

Super Science #8 – Tumithak of the Towers of Fire

Chapter 14: Happy Birthday
Objective: Find the Gun

Make your way to the lower deck and look for a kitchen. The kitchen door will have a marker on it. The Magazine is on the table in front of the door.

Super Science #2 – Invisible One

Chapter 18: Just for Relaxation
Objective: Search for the Cigar Shipment

Look for three of the white markers in a big building on the map. The Magazine is in a big room in the northeastern corner of the building. You’ll find it on a table.

Super Science #13 – Legion of the Dark

Chapter 20: The Death of Art
Objective: Follow Sam

Make your way up the first flight of stairs in Lost Heaven Art Gallery. Then make your ways to the northeastern corner of the building to find the Magazine on top of a corner table.

Super Science #15 – The Earth Killers

There’s a house to the southwest of Clark’s Motel. The Magazine is located on one of the benches in its front yard.

Super Science #11 – Cham of the Hills

Outside the biggest warehouse in North Country Marina. You’ll find it under a chair.

Super Science #12 – We Guard the Black Planet

It is located on top of the tower at Overlook.

Super Science #4 – Collision Course

It’s on a little island connected to Robinson Park. You’ll find it lying near a dustbin.

Super Science #6 – Mission Unknown

Its located to the west of Chinatown. There is an outhouse in the yard and the Magazine is located in front of it.

Super Science #18 – Outcast of the Stars

It is located at St Peter’s Docks at the end of one of the walkways.

Super Science #3 – Cepheid Planet

It is located on the northeastern end of Central Island. You’ll find it near the chair by the boat.

Super Science #5 – Genus Homo

It is located on a bench on Central Island, near West River Tunnel.

Super Science #9 – The Wicked People

You’ll find it in the core of Downtown. It is on a wall on the first floor of the car park.

Super Science #14 – The Black Sun Rises

It’s located in the entryway of Storage Warehouse Company in North Park.

Super Science #17 – Minus Dancer!

The warehouse is to the north of Holbrook. The Magazine is outside the warehouse, by the garbage.

Super Science #19 – The Death Crystal

It is located to the South of Beech Hill, by the benches near the lighthouse.

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