Mafia DE Visiting Rich People Walkthrough

Visiting Rich People is a main story mission in Mafia Definitive Edition. In this mission, you will be sneaking into the Prosecutor’s house as he is still after Salieri and has dug some more evidence and witnesses. In this guide, we have the complete Mafia DE Visiting Rich People mission walkthrough for you.

Mafia DE Visiting Rich People

During the start cutscene, Salieri will explain that Watkins has found some new evidence and witnesses against him.

The witness is being taken care of by Sam and Paulie, while Tommy’s job is to find and destroy the documents from the Prosecutor’s safe.

After the cutscene ends, you will be with Salvatore, who will help you crack the safe at Prosecutor’s mansion. Drive to Prosecutor’s Mansion with Salvatore.

Head to the objective marker which will be a fence. Jump over the fence to enter the Maze grounds of the mansion.

There will be several guards patrolling the maze area. Take each of them silently without using any weapons otherwise, they will be alerted, and you will fail the mission.

While in the maze area, on one of the chairs near the pool, you should spot the Super Science: Prisoner of Time collectible.

After you take out all the guards successfully, find Salvatore and then enter the Prosecutor’s mansion.

When you are inside the mansion, search for the safe behind paintings. Head to the southeast room and look for a poker table.

On it, you will find a Cigarette Card collectible. The safe will be in the study room behind the painting of a man smoking a cigar.

After you find the safe, Salvatore will begin cracking the safe. In the meantime, the Prosecutor will arrive back at his mansion.

Once Salvatore opens the safe, Tommy will rush to pick the documents which will trigger the alarm.

Now, you will have to escape the mansion with Salvatore and take out the guards you find on your way. Shoot your way outside the mansion to the yellow marker.

Once outside the mansion, get in a car and leave the area and make sure not to get spotted by the police.

After you are clear, your objective will be to take Salvatore home. After you drop him at his home, the mission will complete.

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