New Mafia 3 Reveal Coming on April 19?

Next week will see home to a new Mafia 3 reveal from Hangar 13. This follows some mysterious tweets from the developers yesterday.

It looks like Hangar 13 are ready to release more information with an upcoming Mafia 3 reveal next week, following some interesting pictures posted on Twitter.

The pictures include a postcard written with some sort of code as well as a picture of the First Louisiana Bank & Trust from Bordeaux:

The postcard has been deciphered though and translates to the following (a warning of possibly offensive language involved):

Dear L

17 fucking years. After all this time, you would have thought that Uncle Sal is tired of taking the head, my ass, as if that would change. I can handle it, but I can not stand this place is a fucking sauna. You need me to manage our favorite uncle once I have spoken to him next week, well, we will meet on April 19 at 8 am ET.


The Vito in question is presumably Vito Scalletta, the protagonist from Mafia 2 who will be heavily involved in the latest instalment as well.

According to there will be an announcement made on April 19 at 8am ET. We are currently unaware what this Mafia 3 reveal announcement will include but with E3 coming up then the best guess would be a new trailer (possibly live-action?) leading to some sort of promise for more in the Summer.

We’ve already been treated to new screenshots from GDC 2016, so it’ll be exciting to see what else is in store for fans of the open-world action-adventure series.

We have high hopes for the upcoming installment of the game and are waiting excitedly to hear about the release date. So what do you think about the potential Mafia 3 reveal? What could it be? Something meaningful or just a random tease?