Mafia 3 Opening Cutscene Was So Brutal That it Never Made it to the Game

Mafia 3's director, Haden Blackman says that the game once had such a brutal opening that it had to be removed and was also wiped from the servers.

Mafia 3 didn’t do very well but still, it was still played by many due to its violent combat system and takes us back to old times where we can run our own city by taking down the mobs. It has been now revealed that once the game had such a brutal and intense ending that it had to be removed and was then destroyed from the servers.

Mafia 3’s director, Haden Blackman, revealed it at a developers conference in the UK recently where he remembered the old deleted brutal scene.

We went back at the eleventh hour, added a cold-open to the game that was a really violent prologue which basically shows Lincoln and his friends getting ambushed by the mob. It’s super-violent and Lincoln has to resort to violence to escape. He ends up killing a cop and has to flee to Vietnam.

The whole scene was created and shown towards the game’s end and then it was removed from the game because Hangar 13 thought that it was excessive.

It felt exploitative instead of something that really grabbed you and put you in Lincoln’s shoes and made you afraid for him and want to help him, so we ended up cutting it because of the feedback. Was super-painful for me personally because it was something I’d pushed forward and championed, and I ended up directing that day’s mocap shoot because it was such sensitive subject matter, and we worked on it for a couple of months. But it was absolutely the right thing to do in hindsight.

Now if you are wondering about finding it on Youtube, you can’t because it has also been deleted from the developer’s servers.

Despite the failure, you should still try out Mafia 3 if you are an old Mafia fan and it’s also reported that Hangar 13 is now working on a new project.

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Source: Eurogamer

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