Mads Mikkelsen Reveals That His Character In Death Stranding Is More Than it Seems

While we are all waiting with fingers crossed to see some Death Stranding action in tonight’s The Game Awards, Mads Mikkelsen has been giving us some long-awaited information about what working with Kojima is like and giving some intel on what his character is.

In a recent interview with IGN Japan during  Tokyo Comic-Con, Mikkelsen revealed that characters in Death Stranding are a bit more complicated than we think, so his character may not be completely bad after all. According to his saying “The characters are very dualistic in (Kojima’s) games. There is no such thing as a bad guy or a good guy in his games”.

He referred to Kojima’s game as a more complex one than a simple game with black and white themes. Specifically:

 “(Kojima’s) games are not as black and white as Hollywood is sometimes. So there are more nuances of gray in his world. You’ll have to encounter these characters in different ways throughout the game.”

Mikkelsen seems to understand Kojima’s mindset and what he wants to achieve through his game. He believes that being cast for a role in a video game is a lot different than a movie since you have to do many simple things like motion capturing. However, he explains that Kojima has very specific things he wants and can turn everyone in that direction instantly.

“You can just tell that Hideo has an otherworldly approach to all of this. He has is a master genius in this part of the world. He’s very, very easy to work with – the whole thing is in his head, and he just asks us to do certain things, and he knows exactly what he wants to use them for. It’s very interesting.”

Lastly, Mads Mikkelsen talked about what he thinks of Death Stranding, hyping us even more about its content:

“It’s an enormously labyrinthine game, and I would not be sufficiently educated in it to tell you how it’s working yet,” said Mikkelsen. “All I can say is that I’ve seen some stuff and I’ve never seen anything like it; the story is completely out of this world.”

We’ll be seeing more of Death Stranding tonight at The Game Awards 2017. Until then You can see the game’s awesome trailers one more time, below:

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