Madden NFL 22 Passing Guide

It is essential that you acquaint yourself with the ball passing system in Madden NFL 22. This guide will take...

It is essential that you acquaint yourself with the ball passing system in Madden NFL 22. This guide will take you through the many different types of throws and passes in Madden NFL 22 to help you master the art of passing the ball.

Madden NFL 22 Passing

The mechanics of the game allows the player to make intelligent passes based on the situation, so remember that not even your star Quarterback is going to carry you through the game without some input of your own.

How to Throw a Pass in Madden 22

To throw a basic pass in the game, press the button that hovers over the receiver’s head. You can always customize your desired input through keybinding but regarding the unique passes, each pass has its own input that needs to be pressed according to the height of the pass.

The following are the names of the passes that this guide will cover for Madden 22:

  • Low Pass
  • High Pass
  • Bullet Pass
  • Lob Pass
  • Touch Pass
  • Pump Fake

The Low Pass Throw

When locking onto your desired target, simply press and hold the LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation) after which you trigger the low pass by pressing the usual button which hovers over the receiver’s head.

The Low Pass is best used for curl routes; remember that when you throw a low pass, your receiver will go onto the ground, therefore, there is a low chance of acquiring YAC. When you don’t want your receiver to gain additional yards, it is recommended that you throw this pass

The High Pass Throw

Regarding the High Pass in Madden 22, hold the L1 (Playstation) or LB (Xbox) in tandem with the hovering button that floats over the head of your intended target.

The beauty in understanding the mechanics of passing is that it all follows a similar input but with a different type of button so all you need to do is to acquaint yourself with the corresponding button and its pass.

If the height of your receiver gives you an advantage over the enemy’s defensive back, then you will find the high pass most profitable in the given situation. Though your receiver will not throw themselves on the ground albeit they will pause in the air for a bit when jumping up to catch the ball, leaving them vulnerable.

The Bullet Pass

This is a tricky one. Pressing a single button in different intervals of time will trigger 3 passes namely bullet, lob and touch pass. It takes practice to master the time taken to press the button for your desired pass so let us start by talking about the bullet pass.

Bullet pass is the easiest to learn; all that is required for you is to hold down the button that hovers over your receiver till the ball is thrown in the air.

The Lob Pass

Lob Pass is easy to understand thus learn; simply tap the button that hovers over the head of your intended receiver.

Just make sure that you don’t hold down the button as it may trigger a pass that may put you in a disadvantageous position. Lob Passes are preferable for deep balls as it allows the receiver to catch it in stride.

The Touch Pass

The trickiest of the three passes in Madden, the timing for the Touch Pass is a bit complicated. You need to hold the button down for not too long nor release it too quickly in order to successfully throw the Touch pass.

The timing of it may be a bit complex but after a little bit of practicing, it is easy to learn the feel of each pass and its strategic advantage for each situation.

Pump Fake Tips

When you want to play with your opponent for a bit in Madden 22; the Pump Fake is a throw that, as its name intends, fakes the throw to your receiver thus tricking and disrupting the strategy of the opponent.

All you need to do is to double-tap the required button that hovers over the receiver but be wary of the fact that you can get sacked in the middle of the throw.

Another strategy is to just, simply, throw the ball away by pressing on the right analog stick on the Xbox or R3 for PlayStation respectively however, be aware of the pocket you are in as you need to be out of it in order to throw the ball away otherwise you will get an intentional grounding penalty.

In Madden NFL 22 you no longer need to press the dive button to slide as it can disrupt the movement of your Quarterback causing them to fumble. This time, all you need to do is to double-tap the dive button to trigger your character to slide safely to the ground.

You could still dive by using the old method but it isn’t recommended as it can cause your character to stumble the majority of the time.

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