Madden NFL 21 Offense Tips

This guide will provide you with some handy offensive tips to design your plays around in Madden NFL 21 and achieve easy victory

The best defense is a good offense. That saying has applied to the Madden NFL series pretty well over the years and NFL 21 is no exception. This is why we’ve prepared these Madden NFL 21 offense tips with some great offensive plays and offense tips to keep in mind.

This year the game has a bunch of new features that will make the offensive playthrough go a lot different than it would have before.

Madden NFL 21 Offense Tips

The game has introduced a few new changes this year which will make your offensive plays a little easier.

This year when things break down, your receivers are more active. This means you don’t have to often worry that as soon as you’re almost safe, they will run right at the defender and ruin everything.

Unless you have Playmaker, you should wait for the receivers to stop completely and you can tell them to head the opposite way.

You also have a lot more time to throw the ball which is very important for playmaker.

The Best Offense in Madden NFL 21

We’ve found that the strongest offense is hands down the Arizona Cardinals playbook.

It has the best passing plays and the best offense comes from Gun Spread Y-Flex formation.

This has 4 Audibles:

  • Y Cross
  • Mesh
  • Drive
  • Y Stick

The mesh play is very useful if you’re just playing for the first time.

In Madden 21, drag routes are really good so these mesh routes are going to get underneath every zone after they cross their threshold.

The mesh routes for man to man will make sure that basically once they get outside, you pass to the left and they’ll beat them easily.

The best defense they’ll come at you with against this will be the cover 2 defense and there’s a way you can take care of that as well.

How To Handle Cover 2 And Cover 3 Defenses

A Weak Flood play straight from the Atlanta Falcons Playbook can help you break both Cover 2 and Cover 3 defenses.

With the Gun Doubles formation, you should prepare by covering the running back and sending the X/Square receiver to the right.

After locking on the X/Square receiver, you must target the A/X tight end on the drag route and Y/Triangle receiver on the very left and pick a quick receiver.

Easy Money Play From Shotgun Tight Flex

This is part of the Cincinnati Bengals & Los Angeles Rams playbooks. Go with the Formation Gun Tight Flex and you will have one of the finest stock plays in Madden NFL 21.

This play works well because it has no setup or hot route requirements and is PA Post Shot.

Diversify Your Plays and Formations

Sticking to the same play may feel safe but in the long run; it’s a slippery slope.

Eventually, other players will start doing what you should have been doing from the start and dissect your play.

This will allow them to predict your every move and plan accordingly.

So we recommend turning to a bunch of different running and passing plays and formations so that you have many options in between matches.

That way you’ll maintain some level of unpredictability and will also have a play for every situation.

Try Out Different Quarterbacks

If you’re playing offensive then the quarterback is undoubtedly extremely important to that play.

You’ve got a bunch of options for big-time quarterbacks such as Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson.

These guys are fit for just about any play but don’t limit yourself to just the big guns since accuracy isn’t their proficiency.

You should give some consideration to playing as Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and others.

They may not be the most versatile players but if your playstyle works well enough; they can be used to set up a pretty darn good offense with very consistent results.

If your playstyle has a lot of passing then pick someone with who can accurately get to you and throw that ball far.

Pick Great Running Backs and Wide Receivers

These guys are more important to your offense than the quarterback. You need to pick some serious winners if you wish to have a solid offensive play.

This goes for both the top and bottom of your depth chart. Overall it is determinant on the style of play that you’re going for.

For example, if you picked a winner for the top of your play but some lesser zeroes for the bottom and you’re playing with a lot of passing going on; you’re sacrificing the integrity of your play.

If you’re running back and your style of play has you going straight for the attack then you need to have a couple of higher-tier players watching your back so that you can successfully pull off the offense.

We’re all aware of the temptation of spending all your resources on getting a high-tier player or two and then relying exclusively on them for every game in which you have an offensive playstyle.

However, this could be costly in the long run as well since you will then have a set and predictable pattern.

Players will be able to figure out who does what in your team and tear your plan to shreds.

Instead, focus on depth. Make sure both the front and back have sufficient coverage from really high-quality players.

This way you’ll be able to go for any playstyle without having to worry about being overwhelmed.