Madden NFL 21 Offensive Playbooks

This guide will give you ideas about the best offense playbooks to adopt in Madden NFL 21 in order to ensure a stronger team

With the release of Madden NFL 21, new Playbook Data Bases have been released for Players to look through and choose their perfect Play Style. In this guide, we will cover the best Madden NFL 21 Offensive Playbooks in the game to help you with your team’s offensive strategy.

Madden NFL 21 Offensive Playbooks

Every team has different formations regarding their offense and defense.

The team with the best offensive playbook means they have the best team formation and routes to get to the goal.

Similarly, a team with a better defensive playbook has better formation and tactics to stop the other team from scoring.

The most fun part about football is the offense and this is why most of the player base goes for better offense. These are the best Offensive Playbooks in Madden 21.

San Francisco 49ers Offense

The team has some pretty good Strong Close formations and routes. The team formation not only allows you to push the boundary but in the shotgun formations, the fallbacks are also well placed that allow for a good defense if required.

The best formations to use from these are the “Mesh Post” and the “Double Post”.

Both of these formations allow for a ground and pond play style, and will especially be loved by people who love to run the ball.

West Coast Offense

Although the West Coast is not an offensive team, similar to Madden 20, the Near Close and Near Close Flex formations allow for great offense.

With halfbacks and fullbacks, insides, the post-strike corner routes, basically guys that do crosses to go for the win.

With these cross pattern formation, the Shotgun Bunch formation is still very viable for all players as a good offense.

The best options in Shotgun Bunch will have to be the “Vertical”, “WR Post” and of course, “Mesh Post”.

Saints Offense

The Saints offense has been a great option for a long time in the Madden series, and has been almost the meta since Madden 15, with access to great playbook like the Pistol Bunch TE, with good schemes like HB Slip Screen and Strong Power.

However, what makes the Saints stand out is their Shotgun Tight Offset TE.

The formations are strong and powerful with the roll out corners and “Y Out HB Swings” are phenomenal, providing the best play for one play beater if you are near a sideline.


The Patriots are all about throwing the defense off instead of breaking through it. The different Shotgun Ace Slot Offense formations.

The “Level Y Sail”, “PA Bubble” are really good against players pushing you hard. The “Posts” formation with its angle route allows you to beat man coverage and zone coverage.


The team is the best offensive playbook in the game. Combining the power run game and the under center nastiness, the Oakland Raiders combine has the Iform formation matched much superior then the 49ers, and the best Shotgun formation in the game.

The tight gun patterns allow the Raiders to truly be overpowered, like the “Gun Tight Double” that gives you both a running back as well as a tight end so you can prevent seven blitzing.

The Raider Offensive playbook allows you to be extremely versatile for the best type of offense.

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