Madden NFL 19 MUT Ultimate Team Guide

Our Madden NFL 19 MUT Ultimate Team Beginners Guide will help you get started with MUT with tips on solo battles, upgrading, powerup cards, objectives, etc.

The Ultimate Team is by far the most played feature on EA Sports games. There are a lot of things for you to do and the dream of having a team better than anyone else is far too great to resist. Our Madden NFL 19 MUT Ultimate Team Guide will tell you all about how you can be on your way to having the Ultimate Team by giving you numerous tips and tricks on how to succeed in Madden 19 Ultimate Team.

Madden NFL 19 MUT Ultimate Team

As people who have played the series will know by now, the main purpose of the Ultimate Team is to start from the bottom and slowly climb your way to the top by constantly signing new players and improving them.

There are many different little things that can be of immense help in your journey to having the Ultimate Team. So let us go ahead and take a look at some of the changes that you can make to massively improve your chances of success while playing in this mode.

Ultimate Team General Tips

Before we begin, it is important to know how much impact your favorite team can have on your game. Although you may be tempted to take whichever team you like and support with a passion that may not be the smartest thing to do.

What happens is that the team that you pick as your favorite is the team whose playbook is given to you by default in Madden 19 Ultimate Team.

Favorite Team

Although it is possible to unlock different playbook slots for your Ultimate Team, it takes time so you will be stuck with whichever playbook you select for a while.

For that reason, it is best to go with the New England Patriots as they seem to have the most balanced playbook with a reasonable offense and the most powerful defense in the game.

Once you are through the beginner part of the game, you’ll have plenty of player cards up your sleeve and you can start building up a team of your choosing. Otherwise, you can hit the ‘Generate Best Team’ option in the player line up to let the game do the work for you.

Moreover, as you will move further in the game, you will realize that through Chemistry ratings, you can enhance your team performance even more. You can increase the Chemistry rating of a player by spending training on him and then adjust him to your lineup the way you want to.

Upgrading Players

This is a system that has been completely changed from last year. Before, you needed to earn team tokens so that you could upgrade your players. Now, it is a little different as you have a brand new currency known as training which is used for all of the upgrades.

You can earn training by quick selling the items that you do not need. The fastest way to earn these points is by selling all of the unwanted players that you earn. Now, anyone who has played any Ultimate Team game will know that you get a lot of those cards which are essentially useless, so you can use those cards to upgrade your players.

One of the best things about this new system is the fact that you can now upgrade the players from the same place where you view their cards and there is no need to go to a separate page. You can upgrade a standard player all the way to 92 or 90.

Remember that once you have upgraded a player, you are not able to sell them in the auction house. For that reason, only upgrade the players who will be an integral part of your team for the foreseeable future.

Solo Battles

This feature that came as a part of MUT 19. In Solo Battles, you are able to go up against AI in order to earn rewards. It may seem like boring stuff, but the fact is that there will be a total of 13 different AI challenges that will each get progressively harder.

You may be given a situation where you will have to restrict your opponent to a certain number of yards or you may have to score a touchdown before time expires.

There are a total of 14 different tiers for you to be in all the way to being ranked number 1 in the world. As you would expect, the rewards for being at the top are astonishing but the rewards for being in the lower tiers are not that much.

The rewards for the completing the solo battles also includes Silver, Gold and even Elite players which can surely boost up your team so make sure you keep an eye out for the weekly solo challenges released by EA.

PowerUp Cards

At the start, you will have the chance to have a PowerUp Card. It is best if you go for a star player. These cards are going to be the main way that you can run your plays at the start of your MUT career.

It is very easy to level up these cards with training and before you know it, these players will be at their best. For that reason, go for a player that can essentially dictate the pace of the game when selecting your power up card.

Completing Sets

Completing sets is recommended for the players who have spent enough time on the game and have gotten a hang of it as for each set, a plethora of cards and tokens are required.

Once you have acquired a whole lot of cards from solo challenges, daily objectives and major holiday events and other temporary events, fit them in the sets accordingly and exchange them for much better rewards

Completing the Daily Objectives

Of course, all experienced players will be well aware of this. It is important to remember that these objectives can stack up over time in terms of rewards and they will help you massively on your way to having the best team possible.

Any new player should do these lists every day as they will give you tools to better your players little by little at a time. The improvement will compound and soon you will be able to see the effects of these objectives in your team.

Auction Tips

First of all, remember that you can buy gold cards between 2 AM and 5 AM much cheaper than you would during the day. This is good for players who have the opportunity to stay up late as the buyer rush does not exist at that time.

If you do not want to do that, save 10,000 Gold and then try to buy 75-79 overall players. You can buy a lot of players for cheap if you set the buy now price and then go to individual positions. Look at the HB, QB, FB, WR, DT, and CBs.

Try to buy them during the night since they go cheaper at that time. All linemen are good for this. Buy them during the night and sell them during the day. If you are able to do this consistently, you can easily make 500-700 gold per player. Do this consistently and you will soon be able to rack up a ton of gold.

Enhancing Training

Remember that you can increase the number of players you can train. The best way to do that is to quickly sell the cards that you do not have any need for at the moment.

After you have played the game for a while and have upgraded your squad to something a little decent, you will get a lot of cards that are simply not good enough for you. It will be best if you sell those cards and then use them to upgrade your current squad to something better.

Cheap Defensive Players

Some of the players that you can get and are very cheap at the defense role are players such as Dewey Mcdonald. The outside linebacker can be good for starting the game.

You can also take on Michael Pierce who is at the left defensive end and can use his massive strength and block shed to outclass opponents. Lastly, you can use Artie Burns who is incredibly fast and has a great balance.

Avoid Card Packs

They are a waste of money. If you have extra money, you can go and try your luck (or if you are a famous or wannabe famous YouTuber). Some of these Cards guarantee a Gold Player with a bunch of Silver Players, while the more expensive ones guarantee Elite players.

On that note, remember that MUT takes time and it is good to not be impatient. Take things slow and continue to grind and you will eventually have a team to be proud of.

That is all we have for our Madden NFL 19 MUT Ultimate Team Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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