Luigi’s Mansion 3 Captain Fishhook ‘Shark’ Boss Guide

Learn how to tackle, no pun intended, Captain Fishhook on the 12th floor in Luigi's Mansion 3 and make your way to the next one

After making your way from the Twisted Suites of Floor 11 in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and to the Floor 12 to explore the Spectral Catch, you will face Captain Fishhook as the boss ghost on this floor. He has the power to possess the pirate ship. You will have to defeat him to free Toad and also obtain the elevator button for the 13th floor.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Captain Fishhook ‘Shark’ Boss

Make your way to the beach (see our Floor 12 guide) where the Ghostship will arrive. When you get on the boat, you will be snuck attacked by the Shark ghost. This will be the start of the fight.

In the first phase, Captain Fishhook will control the deck of the ship. Jump over the parts under control to stay safe from attacks. Also, you will be attacked by the ghostly crew on the ship who will throw explosive kegs at you. Jump around to avoid these barrels.

You can use your Poltergust to grab these kegs and hit Fishhook on the face. Hitting him will cause him to get out of the floor deck and return to the shark form.

Keep dodging the attacks in the shark form and wait for ghost shark to get this hook stuck in the ground. This will leave him vulnerable to Strobulb and Poltergust attacks. Use these to hurt Captain Fishhook. The second phase will be the same as the first phase so repeat these steps again to hurt him further.

In the third and last phase of the fight, Fishhook will change his approach. He will possess the front end of the ship and will try to tip the ship over.


To keep yourself from falling off, there will be a target board on the right side of the screen. Fire your plunger and use the vacuum to hold on and not fall. The possessed ship face will chomp off everything that will fall into it.

The ship will then go back in position and the ghost helpers will keep throwing barrels at you as Captain Fishhook will be still in the wall face form. Use the barrels to damage Fishhook.

Eventually, Fishhook will come out of the wall and then try to attack you through the deck and hook swipes. Take out his last bit of health using the Strobulb and Poltergust. This will defeat him and the elevator button to the 13th floor will be yours!

After the end of the fight, move to the upper deck and interact with the poster of Toad to free him and then take him back to Professor Elvin

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