How to Get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark

Pirate Coins are one of the many currencies in Lost Ark. You will get these coins by doing pirate-related stuff in the game. In this guide, we will give you complete details on how you can get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark and their uses.

Lost Ark Pirate Coins

Pirate Coins, apart from Maritime Coins, are essentially a currency that has to do with purchasing things at the shipyard.

What are Pirate Coins Used For?

These coins can be used for anything related to ships like upgrading, hiring crew, purchasing, etc. These are all essential purchases, so you’ll need plenty. So how exactly do you get pirate coins in lost Ark? Read on to find out!

How to Farm Pirate Coins in Lost Ark

Earning Pirate Coins in the Lost Ark is not a tough job if you are engaging in different activities related to the sea. You can earn Pirate Coins for almost everything that you do in the Sea. However, we still outlined them for you below!

Island Quests

The first way of earning Pirate coins is by completing the Island Quests. For this, you have to complete the quests of certain islands.

The Islands on which quests can reward you with Pirate Coins are given below


  • Pirate Coin x10000

Blackfang’s Den

  • Pirate Coin x40000

Una’s Tasks

The second way of farming the Pirate Coins is completing Una’s Tasks. There are eight Una’s tasks that can reward you with Pirate Coins. Other than Pirate Coins, you can also get Life Leap Stone, Harmony Leap Stone, and Honor Leap Stone.

The eight Una’s tasks that can reward you with Pirate Coins are also given below.

  • A Hard Day at Work
  • Crook Catcher
  • Ride Like the Wind
  • For the Fermata’s Maintenance
  • Defensive Warfare
  • Bleak Night Fog
  • Pest Control
  • She Drifts, Sea Gifts

Procyon’s Eye Compass

The islands that spawn during the Procyon’s Eye Compass Events can also reward you with the Pirate coins along with the High Seas Coin Chest.

The four time-limited events which can earn you Pirate Coins are given below.

  • Chaos Gate
  • Adventure Island
  • Ghost Ship
  • Field Boss

By Exchange other Coins

You can also get Pirate coins by exchanging other coins at the port. The Players can take part in different marine events for the coins like Gienah and then they can exchange these coins for getting the Pirate coins at the port.

One Gienah Coin gets you 10 Pirate Coins. Other coins can also get you Pirate Coins in exchange, but they’re a little tougher to get.

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