Lost Ark Soulfist Leveling Guide

Soulfist in Lost Ark is a melee martial artist with ranged basic attacks which can help you complete many objectives...

Soulfist in Lost Ark is a melee martial artist with ranged basic attacks which can help you complete many objectives in the game. In this guide, we will be going through all the tips that will come in handy while Leveling Soulfist in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Soulfist Leveling

Soulfist’s identity is described in 3 charges called the Hype charges. Each of these charges has its own timer on how long they last.

The first charge lasts the longest, and it has the least amount of bonuses. The second Hype gives you more bonus effects as compared to the first one, and lastly, the third one gives you the most bonus effects.

Below we have mentioned some skills that you will need to level up Soulfist in Lost Ark.

Mobility Skills

There is only one mobility skill you will be using on Soulfist, which is Instant Step. This skill can be used thrice in a row, and when you level it up, it unlocks a tripod that helps you deal with damage as well as dash towards your enemy.

In the beginning, you don’t need to max it out, but once you reach level 20, it is suggested to do so. This skill will help you dodge enemy and counter enemy attacks effectively. The best tripod skill set for this ability is given below:

  • Fierce Movement
  • Fortification
  • Outstanding Mobility

DPS Skills

Below are mentioned the best Soulfist Skills and Tripods.

Magnetic Palm

You will be starting up your combo with this skill, and it boosts up your DPS spells to help you in dealing with damage more effectively. The only tripod skill needed for this ability is Prepare First Attack.

You can also use wide attack and helpless target. This skill is mostly used as a gap closer, so you can follow it up with a DPS skill like Deadly Finger.

Lightning Palm

Lightning Palm is not used as a DPS spell, but it is used to boost your DPS spells to deal more damage. Therefore, there is only one tripod skill needed for this ability which is Prepare First Attack.

Heavenly Squash

Heavenly Squash is a good option for dealing with DPS, but at the same time, it is really fast to cast. It would be best for you to level it up to level 10 and get the Attack Range, Crude Palm, and Brutal Training tripod abilities.

Tempest Blast

This one is a quick DPS skill that is very fast to use, and the main reason is that it can remove a pack of mobs. For tripod skills, we recommend Enhanced Charge and Brutal Training.

Energy Blast

This one is an optional skill that you don’t necessarily have to use, but it does cause a great amount of damage. You can use it to defeat bosses, and it has a decent AOE distance.

The downside of this ability is the fact that it is very timely when it comes to reaching the max DPS potential. You can use Enhanced Endurance, All out, and Attack Range for tripod skills.

Key Palm

This is a fast and effective ability that is good with DPS. It is recommended to use with Quickly Prepare, Spatial Expansion, and Enhanced Wave.

Crippling Barrier

This is a major skill that is great for clearing out mobs. The best part about this skill is that you can use it instantly, and it has a good DPS.

It is recommended that you level this ability to level 10 and use the following tripod skills, Sharp Judgment, Enhanced Attack, and Quickly Prepare.

Lastly, both of Soulfist’s ultimate is great for use. You may use both of them according to your own requirement.

Soulfist Leveling Tips

While leveling Soulfist, you should prioritize Crit and Specialization while equipping with gear. To increase damage and speed, Crit and Specialization should be high. Moreover, in order to level faster, start with completing the Main Story Quests with just a few exceptions.

Consider investing Extra Skill Points into Cooldown Skills for faster and clearer speed. Later you must reallocate these points into the main skills.

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