Lost Ark She Drifts, Sea Gifts Quest Guide

She Drifts, Sea Gifts is one of the many daily quests you can do in Lost Ark. The following guide will help you complete the quest while informing you of its rewards.

How to Complete She Drifts, Sea Gifts Quest in Lost Ark

She Drifts, Sea Gifts is a simple and fairly rewarding daily quest in Lost Ark. The quest is important in the sense that its completion is required for players wanting to get hold of the Astray Ship. Continue reading and in the later section of the guide, you’ll get to know how to exactly get the ship.

It is a daily quest that you need to do for a total of 25 days and at the end, you’ll get the rewards, including a blueprint of Astray Ship. To do the quest, you have to either do Sailing Co-Op mission Yarn or Arthritine.

To know the location of the spawn, click on the timer button in the top left corner and then click on the Cogwheel. Go to Sailing and you’ll find the spawn locations for the event.

When the event starts, press the Q key three times. That’ll get the treasure sunk in the open seas using the crane of your ship. Pressing the Q key three times will get the quest done but you can go further to keep collecting the rewards.

The rewards for the quest are ordinary and special at the same time. You’ll get the pirate coins after the completion of the quest and the amount of these coins also depend upon the reputation status. The reward for the final reputation level is 29K pirate coins and a blueprint of Astray Ship.

You must hand over the blueprint with a payment of 300K pirate coins to buy the ship.

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