Lost Ark Shadowhunter Leveling

In this guide, we will walk you through all the information you need to know about the Shadowhunter Leveling in Lost Ark including the skills and combos.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Leveling

Shadowhunter in Lost Ark has Demonize Identity with high mobility and low cooldowns. Shadowhunter is an assassin class that uses dual-bladed tonfas to attack and one of the game’s few transformation classes that further increases her mobility and damage. Shadowhunter’s skills have a tiny Area of Effect (AoE).

Shadowhunter has the ability to shapeshift into numerous demonic forms in order to inflict havoc and power on their foes. When they release their inner devil, they are noted for possessing tremendously devastating powers, greater health, and improved movement speed.

Focus on equipping the highest Item Level gear while emphasizing the Crit and Swiftness Combat Stats to boost your damage and clear speed during the leveling process. With a few exceptions, focus on Main Story Quest to level swiftly.

Shadowhunter Skills and Tripods

Demon Slash

Demon Slash is a normal skill that can be used right away. This is a fantastic skill to have for traveling through zones.

With the Excellent Mobility tripod, you may level this talent to four and extend the leap distance by two meters with four skill points. Use Excellent Mobility Tripod for that extra distance.

Demonic Clone

Demonic Clone is a normal skill that can be used right away. With 20 Skill Points, raise this skill to level 7. Wait until your major damage skills have reached level 10 before using this skill.

Use Vital Point Hit, Fist of Destruction, and Encroachment Discharge as your tripods along with Demonic Clone.

Cruel Cutter

Cruel Cutter is a normal skill that is unlocked when you hit level 12. Cruel Cutter can be used to remove huge groups of trash mobs and as one of your major boss damage skills.

Get Cruel Cutter to level 10 as quickly as possible by putting 48 skill points into it. When used with the Bleed Effect and Boomerang tripods, it works best.

Thrust Impact

Thrust Impact is a normal skill that is unlocked when you hit level 16. After Cruel Cutter, get Thrust Impact to level 10 as quickly as possible by putting 48 skill points into it.

Sharpened Cut

Sharpened Cut is a normal skill that is unlocked at level 36 and is a hybrid damage and mobility skill. Get Sharpened Cut to level 7 by putting 48 skill points into it and use it with Damage Tripods.

Use Sharpened Cut with Excellent Mobility Tripod and Vertical Slash Tripod for the best use of this skill.


Howl is a normal skill that is unlocked at level 40. Being a high damage AoE skill, Howl is used to get rid of the large packs of Trash mobs.

After Thrust Impact, get Howl to level 10 as quickly as possible by putting 48 skill points into it to get help in mobbing. It’s a fantastic utility and status effect skill that may help you control or thin down large mob waves.

Demon’s Grip

Demon’s Grip can bring enemies closer to you. The pull can be used a great gap closer for targeted enemies. Take Quick Prep, Encroaching Power, and Giant Grasp as your main tripods with Demon’s Grip.


Decimate is an ability that deals with multiple foes at once. With Decimate, use Quick Prep, Encroachment Discharge, and Cruel Hand.

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Leveling Tips

Because you won’t have many skill points early in the game, it’s ideal to spread them out evenly among all skills until you reach level 20, when you’ll be able to fully max out one. If you see the word ‘filler,’ it means that you may do whatever you want with your skill points.

At level 50, this strategy only utilizes 252 skill points, so it doesn’t account for the extra skill points you gain from side missions. If you complete some side missions along the road, you may have more skill points than the instructions advises.

Allocate Skill Points to gain Tripods for your most powerful Skills. Once you have your desired Tripods, use the leftover points on secondary skills but don’t forget to use those points on main skills when the need arises.

Level 12

Demonic Slash (4 points) and Excellent Mobility Tripod for Mobility. Demonic Clone (4 points) for damage.

Level 20 – 21

Thrust Impact (48 points) and Wide Explosion Tripod for damage and AoE clearing.

Level 23

Demon’s Grip (4 points) and Quick Preparation Tripod for decent damage and pulling mobs towards you.

Level 25 – 29

Cruel Cutter (20 points) and Demonic Clone (20 points) for damage and AoE.

Level 31

Cruel Cutter (48 points) for ranged AoE clearing

Level 38

Sharpened Cut (20 points) for mobility and single target damage. Sharpened Cut may be utilized to narrow the distance after evading an Elite or Boss attack.

Level 41

Howl (20 points) for AoE clearing. Howl may be used to hold trash mobs and Elites in place before exploding them.

Level 45

Howl (48 points) for AoE clearing.

Level 48

Demonic Clone (48 points) for damage.

Level 50

Follow the main plot quest to Vern city until Beatrice asks you to come to Trixion and see her. Decimate and Gate of Eruption Awakening Skill are awarded for completing her questline.

To unlock the skills, look through your inventory and consume the items. For the Chaos Dungeon/Cube and Raid builds, create two skill presets.

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