Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island Mokoko Seed Locations Guide

Phantom Wing Island is a part of the timed events in Lost Ark. It comes out of the sea for a limited time for players to take part in by completing objectives and quests. In this guide, we’ve given the location of Phantom Wing Island in Lost Ark and identified the Mokoko Seeds located on the island as well.

Where to Find Phantom Wing Island in Lost Ark?

Timed Events are limited adventure events in Lost Ark. They are exclusive for a certain category of players, which has created confusion between the players if the island even exists or not. The short answer is YES. The island does exist, and here’s how you can find it.

To find Phantom Wing Island, you must first have access to sailing in Lost Ark. Ships are an integral part of Lost Ark during the end game as it eases traveling via the seas of Arkesia. Apart from that, your character also needs to be level 50 to reach the island.

The Phantom Wing island itself can be found north of the Papunika and southeast of Rohendel. Below is a map location, pinpointing the exact whereabouts of the island.

phantomwing island location

Additionally, to check whether or not the island has spawned. For that, you can head over to the section below the mini-map and take a look at the island.

Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island Mokoko Seed Locations

Mokoko Seeds are one of the eight collectible types along with a type of currency in Lost Ark. These collectibles are found all around Arkesia and mostly near forest areas where there’s greenery or at the corners of the map.

You can also check your collectibles menu to mark the area where these seeds are located.

Once found, simply press G to interact and collect the Mokoko Seeds. Below are all the locations where you can find the Mokoko Seeds on Phantom Wing Island.

Mokoko Seed Location #1

Lost Ark Phantomwing Island Mokoko Seed Locations

Mokoko Seed Location #2

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